Purchases from Belle Lily!

I have so many good things to say about the fashion company, Belle Lily.

The clothes are super cute and affordable. I have found so many great items from them and just wanted to share a few items in my closet that you can have too!

20200519_113442I LOVE this camouflage American Flag printed t-shirt! It is really comfortable! I chose a Medium because I wasn’t sure how it would fit. I normally wear a Small. The medium is a bit baggier than I’d like, so I would say their tees run TTS (true to size).





Also, this floral v-neck short sleeved shirt is one of my favorites at the moment for spring! It is a Small and fits super comfortably! I tuck just a corner in for some style. Love this shirt with my high waisted shorts!20200520_084925

To shop on Belle Lily, use this link —-> Shop Belle Lily

Happy shopping friends!!!


Hey there!

There are so many pros and cons for bodysuits. A few pros that I have found from wearing the 2 that I own are this:

  1. They clean up frumpy lines. I love that it is a smooth transition from shirt to shorts or shirt to pants.

  2. No more plumber crack. Seriously, you read that right. If you do not struggle with this than, I am jealous. I love that I don’t have to worry about anything showing when I wear a bodysuit.

  3. Depending on the bodysuit- they can act as spandex. Yes, please! This one that I am linking, is stretchy and helps with control. It is not a spandex brand, but I do love the feel of it and the elasticity to it.


Hopefully that gives a little more insight to why I love these so much! I will say, do not wait until the last second if you have to use the bathroom. Each bodysuit has a unique closure. Both of mine are buttons (only 2, thank the Lord!) Some have clasps like your average bra…Getting the snaps to close can be a challenge if you are not used to them.

Today’s outfit is this cute bodysuit . I chose a medium because I was nervous how tight it would be. I am 5’1 and about 130lbs . My weight is usually carried in midsection to legs. (thank you genetics)… The shorts I am wearing are also a Medium (I usually wear around a 6-8 depending on brand.) I LOVE these shorts!!!! You can roll them again if you want them a little shorter! And then of course the cute headband

You guys, I just adore these headbands! They are not like a head-wrap. They are you average, horseshoe shaped headband. The little pearl embellishments make it so cute! They come in all colors. I bought the 3 pack of cream, brown, and blue.

Also, my favorite fuzzy slippers are on SALE!!!


My slipper color is “beige” . They are so comfy and don’t really make my feet sweat, given that they have like a faux fur inside! UGG makes a slipper like these, but I prefer to save my money and just get something similar. These did not disappoint!

Lastly, the sunless tanner I am using is AMAZING! I have tried so many different kinds, but this one is by Skinerals. I linked the bundle because the mitts are a MUST. I thought I could just use my hands like some others that I have used before, but it made my hands black! So FYI, use the mitts!!! I love it because it does not make me streaky and gives a nice bronzed glow!

I hope you found today’s look to be easy and fun! Follow me on Instagram for other ideas!!


Spring 2020

How are you handling this COVID-19 thing? I believe we all handle it in multiple ways, but the one thing that we all can relate to is that, we are all in this together!

Have you gotten out much as these restrictions have been lifting? I hope you remember not to be afraid. Let us remember not to live in fear, but to trust in our Creator, Who keeps everything held together. None of this has taken Him by surprise and no border can restrict His presence! Keep being the light!

I have been trying to find new spring dresses and this one just tops them all. I saw a lady on Instagram post about this one and I had to get it fast!

This beautiful, flowy dress is even on SALE right now!!!IMG_20200523_175404_700

I love that it buttons all the way down to about the knee. You can make your slit as low or high as you’d like! It also can be used as a kimono with a cute pair of shorts and top!

The hat also is on Amazon! I absolutely love this hat! It is really classy and dresses down any outfit. Velvet to touch and lightweight!


I hope you enjoyed this post! Visit me on Instagram and see the highlight reel for my “BLOG” to see the short video I created showing this style!

Memorial Day/ 4th of July Outfit Picks!

There is something about wearing an American Flag that brings a smile to my face!

I am so thankful for our freedoms and for those who have served and are serving in my place!

Whether you are thinking about doing a cookout with family or hitting the lake with friends, check out these cute outfit options that I have linked for easier access!!

PICK #12020-05-23_08.29.34

White tank body suit

Plaid shirt style west coast blue  <<— Mine is from Abercrombie, but this option is super cute and much more affordable! The style WEST COAST BLUE is very patriotic and would be my top pick!

High waisted jean shorts  –> again mine are from Abercrombie, but these are much more affordable and super cute!!


Shoes are from Old Navy- working on a link



This cute number would be all the same links except the tank is a crop top . I loved this one from Abercrombie (in photo) because it was pretty long for a crop top and I have a short torso. But if you are wanting a more modest crop top, the link above would be a good choice!




Pick # 3


I love a rugged American Flag print tank!  You can either tuck it in, wear it over your jean shorts, or tie a knot in the side to make it about hip level.

Pair with a fun pair of high waisted jean shorts

And cute black wedge sandals

I love to throw on one of these headbands

from Amazon! They come in a pack of 3 and also come in different colors!


I hope these helped provide a template for some fun and cute ideas for the upcoming holidays! If you are looking for more of a longer highwaisted jean short, then check out this one as well. It is my go-to right now for Jean shorts ! I love the paper bag waist so much!

****I am an affiliate with Target and Amazon! All these links are commissioned links! Thank you so much for your support!

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to those who are serving our country so faithfully!



Hello friends! I am so excited for you to join me on this fashion blog journey! I have just become an affiliate with Amazon and Target. I am super excited to not only share with you some options but links to GET those options!

I am a lover of styling clothes, hair and makeup! On this you will find my go-to products, hair styles, and clothes etc. Styling an outfit can be difficult. But let me take the difficulty out by helping you by giving ideas!

I hope you get inspired from these daily looks that are super affordable! Check out any clickable links to go right to the product I am using!

To kick it off check out these headbandsI use everyday!!

Much love!


Are Worthless Things Worth Our Time?


This verse was so fun to break apart.
Wait until you hear what the word “worthless” means in this verse.
Whenever I heard this verse preached it was always coupled with porn. Although it definitely can go along with that, it also can go with more than we probably would expect.
I’m going to pull apart these words by their definition (Greek words) and show you how this verse can be applied to every aspect of our life even if we don’t struggle with sexual sin.
“Within” or “in”- this is referring to the center of something or in the middle.
“House”- dwelling place
“Integrity”- simplicity, upright, blamelessness
“Heart”- mind, inner person, the place where all rational, thinking process occurs that allows a person to know God’s blessings, plan for the future, to communicate, and to understand God’s message.
“Worthless” (Beliyyaal or bel-e-ya-al)- without profit, destruction, wickedness, evil, naughty.
It appears in its Greek form as a name for the devil in the New Testament (2Corinthians 6:15) “Belial” 😱

“Things” a word, a matter, or thing.
So now that we have these words defined in their Greek meanings and why they were used, this verse can be summed up into an application.
It’s a challenge in itself..
“I will walk within my dwelling, in the center most part of my home where I am always congregating, and do it blamelessly because I will not allow any wickedness or anything unprofitable to come through my eyes and invade my heart or mind. I will not allow it to take charge of my thinking or actions.”
God desires us not to get caught up in the traps Satan puts before us. That being anything that is not profitable for us to grow in the grace of God, which sets us apart from the world. What could those traps looks like?
*feeling worthless about ourselves as we scroll through Instagram or Facebook and think other people’s lives “look” perfect.
*feeling inadequate because of how we look compared to what the world deems as beautiful, as we watch our shows of beautifully make upped (not a word) people.
*flipping through magazines of perfectly “fit” people and feel we could never reach our body’s potential.
*reading a love story and wish our spouse could just be perfect. (Really though have you read up on the life of these authors? Most are not married themselves lol)
*watching your friends succeed in their careers all the while you wish they would just choke. I mean seriously, we have evil tendencies lol.
*looking around your house and feeling like you have nothing compared to those you are friends with…guilty.
I could go on and on, but the point is that Satan can use good things like social media or our phones, books etc to get into our minds and create a dissatisfied spirit within us. He did it to Eve in the garden and He is still in the deceiving business today. Throughout the Bible we are given examples of sin and it all started with the eyes. All the more why this verse is a great one to purpose in our heart.
What an awesome promise from God that we can ask Him to help guard our mind and heart by applying the Armor of God. (Ephesians 6:10-19) but it’s up to us to suit up!
So today, I’d encourage you that wherever you find yourself, at your desk, in your couch, in your bed, at your kitchen island, to consider this verse as your mantra for living out your faith on the defense , guarding your mind from the wickedness Satan is setting before you.
Stop the thoughts that are negative.
Stop the self destructive talk to yourself.
Stop the comparison game.
Stop the ungodly thoughts that can destroy your marriage or reputation.
You can succeed in this area only with the help of Jesus. So suit up and put this verse somewhere you find yourself spending most of your time.
Worthless things are not worth our time.

Separated from God to Save the World

Have you ever experienced separation before? I can’t say I have ever experienced being separated from my parents in the store, but I can experience being a parent and losing a child in a group of people. It happened so fast and the dread and anxiety that welled up inside my heart was overwhelming. I remember screaming my little girl’s name loudly as we all panicked looking around my Grandmother’s house at Thanksgiving. We were outside chatting and for that entire time I was watching her like a hawk because at the front of the house is a busy road. She was almost 2 at the time and was my curious adventurer. I took my eyes off of her to chat with a family member and it was if a panic set in that made me realize I had taken my eyes off her. Needless to say, God saw her and protected her. She was found ACROSS the street in a neighbors front yard playing. To say that anxiety doesn’t come back when I think about all the things that could have happened, would be a lie. When we did find her, all I could do was scream her name and wrap her up in my arms as the emotional burst of gratitude, embarrassment, love, fear etc flooded my heart. All I could do was thank God and cry my eyes out. That Thanksgiving will be one I will never forget and to this day Thanksgiving is sentimental to me. So if you know me and see me hovering over my children, I have some scars that I just can’t get over that have made me that way.

I have experienced separation from my Mom when she passed away in 1994. I will never forget that pain of looking at her cold body and realizing she wasn’t with me anymore. That her eyes would never show life or that she would ever smile or talk to me again. But knowing she chose Jesus made me have hope because I recently chose Him too before she died (talk about that later.). There was a peace knowing I would see her again.

I have experienced separation on a more mild level by moving from family and friends to a new state that I now call home. But those feelings of separation overwhelm my heart at times when I sit and think about my family and the feelings of missing out on being with them and their children. My sisters know because I tend to call them at my weak points of missing home.

There is a verse in the Bible that pulled at my heart strings this morning. It is a verse of ultimate separation that Jesus experienced like never before. I’d like you to look up this section of scripture first and read it, having in mind that Jesus is God’s Only Son. That He and His Father have been together for eternity past up to this point. Their relationship has never been interrupted by anyone or anything.

Matthew 27:32-46

Here you can see Jesus being mocked, beaten, mistreated, nailed to the cross, and put on public display as a “criminal”.  He was in complete agony, physically, as he was nailed to the cross. Crucifixion was the worst and most inhumane way to put someone to death. And here we see Jesus, the King of the World, dying this way.

Did Jesus commit a crime? No, He did not. He claimed to be the Messiah and Son of God. That was really the only crime they could pin on Him while He was living among the people.  Pilate could find no wrong in Him, but allowed the people to decide who to go, a murderer named Barabbas or Jesus. Barabbas was declared freedom and Jesus was not given prison but an execution.

As Jesus is dying on the cross, the Roman soldiers and even the robbers he is crucified in between, mock Him. They say loudly in verse 42, “He saved others; Himself He cannot save. If He is the King of Israel, let Him now come down from the cross, and we will believe Him. VERSE 43, “He trusted in God; let Him deliver Him now if He will have Him; for He said, ‘I am the Son of God,'”

The soldiers didn’t realize that Jesus COULD save Himself, but rather He wanted to save THEM. They didn’t see that there was a whole spiritual warfare taking place that is invisible to the human eye.  Jesus CHOSE to die. He CHOSE to hang there and take the insults, the pain, the agony, the public shame. He took it all for them and for us. Matthew said in the sixth hour until the ninth hour (noon to about 3pm) was how long Jesus was on the cross. At about that ninth hour, Jesus cried out in a loud voice the verse that is shaking my world. (46)


Jesus experiences for the first time, separation from His Father.  He experiences the shame and guilt of sin as He hung on the cross and became the sin offering for the world.  A sin offering so great that God Himself had to judicially turn away.  But why did God turn away? I used to think God was forsaking Jesus too.  It has made me think, ‘Wow, God would even turn away from His Son! Why do I think He wouldn’t turn from me?” But that was the human emotional side to that verse.

Paul writes in Romans 3:25,26 “who God set forth as a propitiation by His blood, through faith to demonstrate His (God’s) righteousness, because in His forbearance God had passed over the sins that were previously committed, to demonstrate at the present time His righteousness, that He might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus.”

God’s purpose in Christ’s death was to demonstrate His justice.

I have heard the question before, “Why would a loving God send people to Hell.” When I used to think and ask this question, I was looking at it with the perspective that it isn’t “fair” that people go to Hell. Good people.  But as I grow and study God’s word the more I see myself in light of God and the more I see I do deserve Hell. God is not a hateful God. He is a God that is holy and just. His judicial system is not flawed and we can see through the death and sacrifice that Jesus made, God was never partial to the sin that Jesus had to bear on the cross, for us.  He had to look away because He is just! He had to look away so that He could allow His will to go through, His will to allow Salvation to enter through Jesus’ death.  Can you imagine the pain God must have felt? This was HIS SON! God is just as gracious as He is just.

So Jesus is experiencing a separation like He has never before from His Father. He can feel it overwhelm His soul. He can take it no longer and yells out to God. The only time he yells on the cross (that is recorded). He doesn’t yell because of people mocking Him or from the pain. He yells because His soul in in total agony over being separated from the Father.

So today as I sit here and type this up, I can’t help but think about my own soul and yours.  I made a choice in 1994 on my bed that I needed Jesus to save my soul.  I realized that in light of Who God is and who I am, I am a wicked person who can never be righteous enough on my own to EVER come to God.  I cannot do enough good things or give enough money to church or charities to earn my way to heaven.  I realized because of what Jesus, the perfect Son of God, did on the cross by bearing my sins and having to be separated from the Father, was for me. It was a choice then for me to accept it or deny and reject it as my way to God. I accepted it. And by believing that Jesus is the Son of God, died for my sins, and rose again from the dead on my behalf, I can then and ONLY then be apart of God’s family. I can only then when I die, go to heaven. (John 3:16, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, Romans 5:8, 1John 1:9. John 14:6 <—verses you can look up!)

So the question is, is your soul separated from God? Have you ever trusted Him to be your Savior? Do you believe that because of your sin, you deserve Hell because He is truly just and righteous? It’s a hard question to answer, but when we do see that God is loving and just it makes all the more sense to say, YES I NEED HIM! It’s not the question of “why would God send people to Hell?” it’s “why wouldn’t He send people to hell?”

God loves you and I so much that He saw the only way to rescue us from our sins and from the evil will of Satan, was to give us Jesus. He sent Him here for us to see Jesus is the perfect sacrifice. He knew no sin and took on ALL the sin of the world (yours and mine). He was separated from His Father in the most agonizing moment of His life and He did it for you.

My prayer through this is that you will ask Jesus to save your soul. It doesn’t matter what you have done or where you are at now in your life. What an awesome thing it would be for you to start 2018 knowing you are saved by Jesus and will no longer be a slave to Satan and his antics. That when you believe and trust Jesus to be your Savior, you can never EVER lose that salvation. The Bible says we are sealed. It gives illustrations of a court room where our accuser (satan) declares our sins in front of God and our advocate (Jesus) stands and says “They have been bought with my blood. There is no longer any condemnation on them! I have paid their debt in full!” (1John 2:1-2)

If you are a follower of Christ, I would like to encourage you still to remember that your sins have been covered. That doesn’t give us an excuse to keep sinning, but it is a good reminder to remember that we are no longer a slave to sin! We have the ability to ask the Holy Spirit to help us have victory over sin! We have the ability to dig into scripture and ask God to help us understand it and apply it to areas we are lacking. We also must remember when we do allow sin to creep in, it does separate our fellowship from God. It doesn’t mean we lose our salvation, it means that we need to get our hearts right or confess that sin and turn from it, to restore that fellowship or relationship with God. He again is just and righteous. He cannot be near us when we are willfully sinning and not getting it right with Him. I wonder sometimes how much does my soul scream out to Him “My God my God why have you forsaken me?” when I sin.

Some days, I don’t get it right and wonder ‘why does God feel so far away?’ and then I remember that my sin is causing a wall between us. A wall He doesn’t want and will continue to pursue after my heart but cannot fully have a relationship with me because of my willingness to put that wall there.  It is then I have to make my heart right before Him by simply asking Him to forgive and help me be more discerning when to make a choice or not. That relationship is restored and back to how He desired for it all along.


I know this was long and I could go on and on about what life is like after you make a choice of accepting Jesus as your Savior, but today is mostly to show we have a loving Father, Who gave us the most perfect sacrifice , His Son, so that we could be rescued from a place that was originally made just for Satan and his demons. Hell.

Please choose Jesus. You will not be disappointed.

How Can You have “JOY” in 2018?

What brings you joy? Go ahead and think about a few things and even jot them down! I wonder if we will have similar ones?

For me it is, my family, friends, a cup of coffee, lettering, reading stories to my kids, having date nights with my husband, getting together with a sweet friend and chat, warm sunny days, burying my toes in the warm sand at the beach, playing sports, playing piano, reading a good book, having a good workout completed.. I could go on and on.

This list is not a bad list and maybe yours looks similar or very different! The fact of the matter is that our lists do not complete us at the end of the day. Every thing we mentioned on our lists can disappoint or let us down. That “joy” we feel is fleeting and will create in us an eagerness to find the next thing that will try and complete us.


In John 3:29, John the Baptist is expressing that his joy has been made full.

“And so this joy of mine has been made full.”

If you know a little about John the Baptist, you will remember his joy wasn’t in his home. He lived in the wilderness. His joy wasn’t in his clothes ,he wore camel skins. His joy was not in the meals he ate for he ate honey and locusts.  Those things seem so crazy to us. If our friends or a family member told us that they wanted to live like JTB we would probably call them crazy. But John had a calling on his life and made his life about that calling. You can see it prophesied in Luke 1: 67-80. (To go before Jesus and prepare the way for Him. To proclaim His majesty and baptize those who came into a saving knowledge of Jesus.)

John didn’t allow the things the world had to offer be the “fulfillment” of his joy. Instead, doing what he was called to do, did.

You and I may not have been called out of our homes to live like JTB, but we certainly do have the same command to go and make disciples of all nations.

So how then can we say what John said in John 3:29? How can we have a completed joy?

Let’s break down what “joy” means in this verse and where it comes from.


Chara or “Charisma”, cheerfulness, calm delight, gladness, rejoice.

  • Joy is apart of the fruit of the Spirit mentioned in Galations 5:22.
  • Joy can be “made full” (see next bolded title) through abiding in the vine of Jesus Christ. (John 15:4,10,11)



Pleroo (play-ro-o), to cram. Level up, satisfy, finish, verify, complete, end, impart richly, to fulfill, perform fully.

  • Because of abiding in Christ through obedience we can then have our joy filled. When trials come, joy will be the symptom of abiding.


Jesus encourages us to ask anything in His Name and our joy will be full. John 16:24

Jesus came so that our joy may be full. (John 17:13)

Take a look again at those lists under the two bolded words “Joy” and “Made full”.

Isn’t it so amazing that our hearts can be “crammed” “filled up” with calm delight? Rejoicing? Cheerfulness?  Jesus wants to impart this beautiful inheritance to us because He loves us so much. He knows that this world wants to offer us a fleeting joy, all the more why He longs for us to allow HIM to complete that joy in us.

Whatever this year brings, we can trust that Jesus has already gone before us and will make our ways straight as we abide and trust in His ways. Trials may come, but like James 1:2 promises, we can still have joy. This word “joy” is the same “joy” John the Baptist used in our beginning verse. As you can read on in the story of John’s life, he was imprisoned for preaching the gospel of Jesus and later beheaded.

He counted everything that he went through as a sacrifice for Jesus and counted it all joy.  He knew the true meaning of “joy made full.”

I want that type of joy, don’t you?  A joy that only can come from staying close to Jesus through His word and through prayer. A joy that only can satisfy the depths of my heart, body, soul and mind. It comes only after we surrender our heart to Jesus and ask Him to forgive us for our sins and to be the Savior of our soul. We inherit this joy simply by surrendering our heart to His and receiving by faith that He died on the cross for our sin, rose again from the dead and now is in Heaven, reigning as Lord and Savior. (John 3:16, Romans 3:23. Romans 6:23) See Anchors of Promise Day 29 Blog post for this explained more!

Unless we abide in Christ, this “completed” joy is unattainable and we will only be left in a state of wanting.

My prayer through this is that you and I will remember to ABIDE in Christ this year. To remain close to Him and make Him the priority in our lives.

John 3:30 – He must increase, but I must decrease.


Restraining the Urge

Christmas break is winding down and for the most part it has been enjoyable.  My two children have been playing and fighting just like normal siblings do, but it is the constant tattling and whining that is irritating the mess out of me.

This morning as they sat in the livingroom to play Guess Who, I opened up my Bible at the table just to see if something would just jump out at me and VOILA!! Proverbs 17:14.

“The beginning of strife is like letting out water, So abandon the quarrel before it breaks out.”

I knew right then and there I had a lesson for not just my kids but for myself.  I took my Bible into the livingroom and sat on the couch and invited them both to sit with me, which they eagerly did. As we sat and talked out what this verse means and role played out what abandon means and how to find a solution to a quarrel, I realized the Holy Spirit was all over this.  This was not my idea to do this lesson this morning. I have been voicing to my husband that I need to pray for their little hearts more and God led me to the action now to take the time and teach them. God used the calm of that moment to teach them from His word some truths that not even I have seen before.

I know we are human and will allow our emotions to control our reactions sometimes, but now that we have seen this verse, I cannot help but repeat these words to myself.  I tend to overreact and really just to my kids. I don’t know if it is because I am a stay at home mom, but I tend to start bickering with them and realize, wait I am the parent! I am doing exactly what they are doing, how am I showing them solutions to fighting?!

I have broken this verse down and wanted to share with you some helpful insights that I was led to today.

When I look at this verse I see a picture of water being released. “The beginning of strife is like letting out water.” I asked my son if he were to see water pouring down our chimney and out of the fireplace, would he stand there and keep watching it or run away fast? He said he would run away screaming, “Ahh! Run away!”

 It was perfect because that is what we are told to do about quarreling! The end to this verse says “So ABANDON the quarrel before it breaks out!

Abandon -natash or naw-tash, is a primitive root. A verb meaning to properly pound, smite, to disperse, also to reject, to forsake, or to leave alone.

Quarrel- riyb or reeb, is a masculine noun meaning to contend(-tion), controversy, chiding. This is also used in a legal sense to refer to an argument or case made in one’s defense (Proverbs 18:17)

We are encouraged to stop or to reject contention before a fight breaks out.

There are two types of people that Proverbs mentions over and over. The calm spirited (wise) man and the quick tempered (foolish) man.

The calm spirited man is mentioned, in the context of using his words, in Proverbs 17:27:

He who restrains his words has knowledge, and he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding.”

Restrains is used in Proverbs 10:19:When there are many words transgression is unavoidable, but he who restrains his lips is wise.”

And the same concept is found in James 1:19– “Be quick to hear and slow to speak.”

The word “knowledge” in Proverbs 17:27 (written out above) is associated with the biblical concept of wisdom. This word is used in this context 40 out of the 91 times it occurs in Proverbs!

“Cool Spirit” or calm spirit is defined in Proverbs 14:29a: “He who is slow to anger has GREAT wisdom.”

This type of person is a responder and not a reactor. They see a problem and will calmly focus on a solution to create peace.

The quick-tempered man is someone who is “short of spirit”.  This type of individual is reactive and usually acts upon emotion. The end of Proverbs 14:29 says: “But he who is quick-tempered exalts folly.” 

The quick-tempered person reacts and causes chaos. This has been a major conviction to my heart today.  I tend to react more than I respond.  It is humbling to think about because as a parent you want to be right all the time. But it takes a wise and calm spirit to remember that we are not always right and may have to apologize first.  God is working on me with that one.

I greatly desire to be a calm spirit. That when I walk into a room, mainly at my house, that I can be a responder more than a reactor to chaos or messes. I tend to be more relaxed and calm in public places because my introverted self comes out more. I want to be calm every place I go. And today has been a great start to that process. When we take a moment to invite the Holy Spirit in, He then can clean the clutter out, that may be hindering us to be that calm spirit of few words.

Invite Him in to your situation right now and allow His peace to rule in your heart. Sometimes you have to lose, to win. 

Delighting in the Waiting

Ever have those moments when a sunset or a sunrise just takes your breath away? This morning, my two kids were playing with their Christmas presents in the living room, and I started to open the blinds for the sun to stream in and noticed a beautiful sunrise reflecting in the pond behind our house. I had to take a double look because it was seriously so breathtaking! Ever since we moved here back in 2009, that pond never disappoints.

The golden rays of light were beaming out from behind the clouds as if the sun had just woken up and was stretching. The woods looked grey and the sky was a grey blue. The yellow was just stunning. It made me think about how every day God gives us visible proofs of His amazing beauty.

I find sometimes that I am distracted from seeing His beauty by my worries and fears. How I allow those things to filter out the majesty of His faithfulness.

Today, I want us to focus on His beauty and how we can delight in Him.

I looked up the word “beauty” in my keyword study Bible and found a few verses that linked so well together.

Psalm 27:4 says, “One thing I have asked from the Lord, that I shall seek; That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life. To behold the beauty of the Lord, and to meditate in His Temple.”

In this verse, David is pouring out to the Lord that all he truly desires is to be near God.  God has kept David safe from his enemies and the trust David has is one that encourages my heart so much. Here we see that David is just asking God to let him just BE in His presence. To delight in Him and to just behold His beauty.

Why would he want that and nothing else to satisfy this longing? Look at verse 5 and 6. He knows that God will be His fortress and Helper.  David has run from everyone he knows and all he has left is God.  That may come off wrong, so let me rephrase this. David realizes he ONLY has God and ONLY wants God.  He has seen God work and restore in his own life as well as how God has spared his life many times.

The word “behold” means to “gaze at”; mentally to perceive, contemplate with pleasure.

This morning when I was looking out my window at the beautiful sunrise, I was “beholding” God’s beauty in creation. I didn’t get to gaze too long because of kids, but in that moment it was if nothing held my eyes BUT that scene. It’s like those chick flick movies where guy sees girl from across the room and for the director to portray this eye lock, we start to see the vignette or “blur” appear and everyone is in the background but the main two characters.

When we gaze upon God, whether it is in His Word or in His creation, we are mentally contemplating Him. We only see Him and everything else fades into the background. That crazy rush of “awe” that overwhelms our soul is something that I don’t think any of us could get sick of! And that is exactly what David is asking from God. That He can just be in His presence and gaze at Him.

I remember back when my husband and I were just friends, I just wanted to see him somewhere in my day. It didn’t matter if it was somewhere before lunch or before I went in for the night to my dorm. I longed to just see his face somewhere on campus! When I did see him it was like nothing else mattered and my day was made. Little did I know he was doing the exact same thing! He told me that it always made his day to see me too.

There are times in our walks when we just long so much to see God. We long to see Him work in our lives and change our hearts to be more like Him. We may long to read His words and just soak in them because it’s “being in His presence”. It doesn’t matter what may be going on or when we get to “see” Him, but when it happens it just makes our day.

Then there are days we forget about that rush of , “Wow!! That was a God moment, I want more of that!” and go on with our every day lives. I find myself in that state of “spiritual” life more than I want to be. But when I think about why that is, it’s because my focus is distracted by the things of this world.

So how do we focus on the “beauty” of God and long to be in His presence? How do we gaze upon Him and linger when we want answers from Him?

Psalm 27:11” Teach me Thy way O Lord, And lead me in a level path.”

When we ask God to teach us, He is going to show us what is the next step to take. That next step might be the answer to your question or it can be just to “gaze” at His beauty to remind you of His faithfulness. His ways are higher and better than our ways. And all His ways are chaos free. His ways lead to paths of righteousness and will guide us in His understanding, not in our own. (Isaiah 55:8,9; Psalm 25:10; Proverbs 3:5,6)


We have a promise in Isaiah 33:17, that we WILL see the King in His beauty. We may not see why God is allowing things to happen in our life or why we are just struggling to find an answer to what our next step will be. But like this verse promises, God will be visible for us to gaze at His beauty. Whether that is a physical thing in creation (like this morning for me) or in the way He brings peace and strength to your heart through His word, He will draw near if we draw near (James 4:8).

My encouragement to you today is verse 14 of our original Psalm 27 passage.

“Wait for the Lord, Be strong, and let your heart take courage, Yes wait for the Lord.”

And while you are waiting, behold Him and linger just a while longer in His presence. You can delight in the wait.