My Deliverer

One of my favorite names for Jesus is, “Deliverer”.

There are many times I allow myself to get stuck in sin. I give a second gla

nce at temptation and BAM, instant regret. 

Whatever the temptation is you struggle with, the point is we are ALL tempted. Whether our sin is outward or inward, it still separates us from God.

In my Sunday school, we have been encouraged so much to pray on the armor of God. I honestly never did this because in my mind, “I don’t remember the pieces and it takes too long.” But that’s just as lazy as a soldier that would rather just walk into battle with his enemy wearing street clothes and maybe a helmet. It takes effort to gear up and the results of victory are much greater, because God is fighting our battles WITH us. 

Temptation doesn’t care what age you are, what your ethnicity is, what kind of diploma you have, what service you serve in etc. All Satan cares about is making you fall and making you feel like a complete failure. If he can keep you stuck in sin and shame, then he has won.

Jesus tells us to pray “in this manner”, the Lord’s prayer. Many believe this is the exact prayer we should only pray, but we see throughout scripture that is not true. This is an outline of how we should pray…but verse 13 says, “And do not lead us into temptatiom, but DELIVER us from the evil one.” (Matthew 5:13NKJV)

Even Jesus doesn’t want us to give into temptation. He sees our deepest need of saving and helping. He sees the spiritual warfare on our lives that we cannot, and over and over again He reminds us to put on the armor, to guard our minds and hearts. That when we are tempted there IS ALWAYS a way out (1 Corinthians 10:13). So why do I flirt with sin? Why am I not disgusted by it? I cannot answer that for whoever may feel this way, but I do know, the more time we spend with Jesus in His word , the more our heart will ache when we are in sin. Temptation is not sin, but the act to go through with it is. Claim this promise today that God never tempts and He is our DELIVERER! He wants you to come out victorious! What is it today that He is asking you to look a little harder for a way out of? Gear up with the armor and stand, friends!!


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