Are Worthless Things Worth Our Time?

This verse was so fun to break apart. Wait until you hear what the word “worthless” means in this verse. …….. Whenever I heard this verse preached it was always coupled with porn. Although it definitely can go along with that, it also can go with more than we probably would expect. I’m going toContinue reading “Are Worthless Things Worth Our Time?”

Separated from God to Save the World

Have you ever experienced separation before? I can’t say I have ever experienced being separated from my parents in the store, but I can experience being a parent and losing a child in a group of people. It happened so fast and the dread and anxiety that welled up inside my heart was overwhelming. IContinue reading “Separated from God to Save the World”

How Can You have “JOY” in 2018?

What brings you joy? Go ahead and think about a few things and even jot them down! I wonder if we will have similar ones? For me it is, my family, friends, a cup of coffee, lettering, reading stories to my kids, having date nights with my husband, getting together with a sweet friend andContinue reading “How Can You have “JOY” in 2018?”