Are Worthless Things Worth Our Time?


This verse was so fun to break apart.
Wait until you hear what the word “worthless” means in this verse.
Whenever I heard this verse preached it was always coupled with porn. Although it definitely can go along with that, it also can go with more than we probably would expect.
I’m going to pull apart these words by their definition (Greek words) and show you how this verse can be applied to every aspect of our life even if we don’t struggle with sexual sin.
“Within” or “in”- this is referring to the center of something or in the middle.
“House”- dwelling place
“Integrity”- simplicity, upright, blamelessness
“Heart”- mind, inner person, the place where all rational, thinking process occurs that allows a person to know God’s blessings, plan for the future, to communicate, and to understand God’s message.
“Worthless” (Beliyyaal or bel-e-ya-al)- without profit, destruction, wickedness, evil, naughty.
It appears in its Greek form as a name for the devil in the New Testament (2Corinthians 6:15) “Belial” 😱

“Things” a word, a matter, or thing.
So now that we have these words defined in their Greek meanings and why they were used, this verse can be summed up into an application.
It’s a challenge in itself..
“I will walk within my dwelling, in the center most part of my home where I am always congregating, and do it blamelessly because I will not allow any wickedness or anything unprofitable to come through my eyes and invade my heart or mind. I will not allow it to take charge of my thinking or actions.”
God desires us not to get caught up in the traps Satan puts before us. That being anything that is not profitable for us to grow in the grace of God, which sets us apart from the world. What could those traps looks like?
*feeling worthless about ourselves as we scroll through Instagram or Facebook and think other people’s lives “look” perfect.
*feeling inadequate because of how we look compared to what the world deems as beautiful, as we watch our shows of beautifully make upped (not a word) people.
*flipping through magazines of perfectly “fit” people and feel we could never reach our body’s potential.
*reading a love story and wish our spouse could just be perfect. (Really though have you read up on the life of these authors? Most are not married themselves lol)
*watching your friends succeed in their careers all the while you wish they would just choke. I mean seriously, we have evil tendencies lol.
*looking around your house and feeling like you have nothing compared to those you are friends with…guilty.
I could go on and on, but the point is that Satan can use good things like social media or our phones, books etc to get into our minds and create a dissatisfied spirit within us. He did it to Eve in the garden and He is still in the deceiving business today. Throughout the Bible we are given examples of sin and it all started with the eyes. All the more why this verse is a great one to purpose in our heart.
What an awesome promise from God that we can ask Him to help guard our mind and heart by applying the Armor of God. (Ephesians 6:10-19) but it’s up to us to suit up!
So today, I’d encourage you that wherever you find yourself, at your desk, in your couch, in your bed, at your kitchen island, to consider this verse as your mantra for living out your faith on the defense , guarding your mind from the wickedness Satan is setting before you.
Stop the thoughts that are negative.
Stop the self destructive talk to yourself.
Stop the comparison game.
Stop the ungodly thoughts that can destroy your marriage or reputation.
You can succeed in this area only with the help of Jesus. So suit up and put this verse somewhere you find yourself spending most of your time.
Worthless things are not worth our time.

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