Living in the shadow instead of the spotlight.

Do you ever find yourself completely mesmerized by a Christian author, speaker, or even a Pastor? I find myself always crying when I watch Beth Moore. I think it's because I love how real she is and how much I want to be like her when I grow up LOL. But seriously, I find myself… Continue reading Living in the shadow instead of the spotlight.


Distracted by the details

​Luke 10:38-42 Do you say "yes" alot to service projects? Do you always seem to be busy running meals to someone or your home always seems to have guests over? I love these types of ways to show love to family and friends. I find myself signing up for things and not realizing I may… Continue reading Distracted by the details

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“Choose Joy”..is it just a slogan?

I always hear people say, "Choose joy!" Or see that phrase on many things. But I wonder sometimes, is it just a saying we like to say or do we actually DO it? Maybe it's just my issue of not being joyful lol. I'm so glad for a new day! The past several days have… Continue reading “Choose Joy”..is it just a slogan?