Anchor of Promise #47 God’s Word is Faithful

If your Bible was taken away and every Bible App was deleted, what would you have to comfort you? Would you know enough verses or have journals of Bible devotionals you have done in the past to go back to?

Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Satan wants us to fix our eyes on the things of this world so that our focus of worship shifts from our Creator to the creation. By doing this we are enticed, trapped, and left empty chasing after the wind..unusable for God. Don’t allow every devil glorified opportunity get the best of you, but askContinue reading “Wolf in sheep’s clothing”

Power of Prayer

How is your prayer life? Prayer is a privilege that we sometimes forget to partake of. It’s not just a quick “dear God help!” type of privilege, but to come on our knees in front of the most Holy and Almighty God who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He made us,Continue reading “Power of Prayer”

Early Will I Seek You mugs are here!!

Yall I am beyond excited to share with you that my favorite verse that has encouraged me so much to get into God’s word or to give up a quick prayer of help each morning, is now on a coffee mug! This verse is on a little sticky note on top of my desk andContinue reading “Early Will I Seek You mugs are here!!”

He is Near {Anchor of Promise #15}

Anchor of Promise #15 God is Near When We Humble Ourselves. James 4: 6-10 “But He gives more grace. Therefore He (God) says: God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble. Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw nearContinue reading “He is Near {Anchor of Promise #15}”

Peace In The Middle of Storms of Life. Anchor of Promise #10

I’m not sure what you have gone through, or if you are dealing with a situation right now. All I know is for some reason this morning, God had me open to this scripture passage and read others like it to gain a little more understanding of this promise so I can encourage you.

Need energy? Anchor of Promise # 5

Remember this promise that God is never tired of helping, listening, providing, speaking through His word, to you and I. He desires to be there for us. Just like a mother eagle teaches her babies to fly, she is always underneath them to catch them with her wings and brings them back to the nest.

What should I do?

“Let my cry come before You, O Lord; Give me understanding according to your word.” -Psalm 119:169 Such a great reminder to me today that no matter what decision needs to be made I need to cry out to God for wisdom and HE WILL give me understanding from His Word! Keep seeking Him ifContinue reading “What should I do?”

I’m Known by the Famous One! Anchor of Promise #4

Cling your anchor to the rock of this Promise. That being faithful to God in prayer and seeking His guidance from the Bible, He knows you by name. He knows you are a faithful follower and wants to bless you.