Anchor’s Ahoy!!

Holding onto the Hope we have in Jesus, will allow us to get through any trial of life. It doesn’t come automatically or easy. But is a daily choice to throw our anchor into the Rock of Ages, Who won’t allow us to be overcome, but instead to be the overcomer. #anchoredinchrist619

Anchor of Promise #47 God’s Word is Faithful

If your Bible was taken away and every Bible App was deleted, what would you have to comfort you? Would you know enough verses or have journals of Bible devotionals you have done in the past to go back to?

Take cover!!

I love the many illustrations given in the Bible that describe who Jesus is..”in times of trouble”, makes me think of natural disasters. When they come about, we hide in our own little refuges to keep us safe and secure..what an amazing picture of how Jesus longs to be just that for us during trials.Continue reading “Take cover!!”

Are You Persecuted?

Persecution of Christians is getting more rampant today. Does it scare you at all that you could be next? Do you even feel persecuted? I had to ask myself these 2 questions. Persecution happens on all levels and I have only had a smidgen of it from coworkers or just on social media in generalContinue reading “Are You Persecuted?”

Soar Like Eagles

I love this verse don’t you? I always love how God always has a reason for His analogies like the “eagle” in this verse.. 🐣When baby eagles start to learn how to fly they will either be kicked out of the nest by the Momma eagle or they just walk out of it..the fall downContinue reading “Soar Like Eagles”

Be Patient

Have you ever felt led by God to something new and then turn around and feel like He is nowhere to be found? Things happen in our life and start making us question His calling. We say something like, “God you called me to this, but why am I not seeing the fruits of myContinue reading “Be Patient”

Do Not Fear

I love how much God wants to reveal Himself to us through His word don’t you? Reading Revelation this morning, a book of the Bible most people fear or don’t understand because of the timelines, symbols etc..I’m one of those lol..but after studying just 1 chapter I am convinced it is not meant to beContinue reading “Do Not Fear”

Joy No Matter What

How can we have peace and joy in every season of our life? The answer is by throwing your anchor into the rock of Jesus. If your anchor is clinging to the circumstances of this world or onto your emotions you will only become shipwrecked and left feeling hopeless. But cling to Jesus and noContinue reading “Joy No Matter What”

Walking by Faith

It’s never wrong to pray and ask God to “be with us” as we begin or go about our day, or even to pray about our plans…but what He desires most is to hear us say, “God I surrender my plans to yours. Guide me and show me today how you want me to beContinue reading “Walking by Faith”

Breathe in…breathe out

If you are going through a difficult time, remember to cast your anxieties and burdens at Jesus’ feet. When we do that He promises that: ☝He will sustain you. ☝He will comfort your heart. ☝He will hold you in the palm of His hand. ☝He will cover you under His wing. ☝He will work allContinue reading “Breathe in…breathe out”