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Ever Walk on Water? {Anchor of Promise #27}

God allows things to happen in our life but never leaves us alone to fend for ourselves.

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Do You Know a “Know-it-all”? {Anchor of Promise #25}

Anchor of Promise #25 God is Omniscient, Omnipresent, Author of Life, and Has BIG Plans for You and Me. That is a big title full of words with such meaning, for our Anchor of Promise #25. I am first of all so incredibly thankful to God that He has keeps revealing to me these amazing… Continue reading Do You Know a “Know-it-all”? {Anchor of Promise #25}

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On the right track!

I want to encourage you, never doubt God's work. Never doubt the amazing power the Holy Spirit has through us when we proclaim the Gospel! It's not about how many people follow you, its just about you doing what God called you to do!