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Kindness is Contagious! (Anchor of Promise #46)

God's kindness is abundant (Psalm 117:2) and one of the best attributes He possesses. Allow Him to show you His love and as you experience it, you will also develop this kindness in your heart, because your heart is so close to His. Keep seeking and asking God to help you express this kindness and love to others, because it is contagious and uplifting!

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Why Are You Always Smiling?! Anchor of Promise #8

You see, even Jesus' anchor was so set in God's will. He knew the pain and shame He was about to endure, but looking ahead He saw you and I that would choose Him and it brought a smile to His face. He willingly died for you and for me.

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I’m Known by the Famous One! Anchor of Promise #4

Cling your anchor to the rock of this Promise. That being faithful to God in prayer and seeking His guidance from the Bible, He knows you by name. He knows you are a faithful follower and wants to bless you.