Then Sings My Soul

What an amazing filling our souls receive when we spend time in the Bible, listening to what God wants us to hear and communicating back to Him with action to our application. If you struggle with trying to find something to read in the Bible, try a Psalm a day! This mug and journal setContinue reading “Then Sings My Soul”

Who Am I??

Do you ever have this question? I know I did for years! I tried for so long to “find” myself through jobs, goals, career dreams, etc. No matter how many “successes” I had, the defeats always lingered around and suffocated out any hope. But when it all came crashing down and I realized life isContinue reading “Who Am I??”

Rainy Day Discount at shop!!

It’s rainy and gloomy on the East Coast today..wanted to cheer you up with a rainy day discount! Mugs and Journals are 10% off in the shop just TODAY! Don’t miss out! Use Discount code : RAINYDAY10 at checkout! (Link in profile)

Sneak peek #2!!

Can’t contain my excitement! Order is going in tonight and this journal is one of my favorite things! Not only does it match the coffee mug but it’s made from recycled products! I love having Bible verses all over my house and am so excited for it to be on my devotional tools that IContinue reading “Sneak peek #2!!”

New Prints in the Store! Plus there are 3 days left to order 2 prints at $10/ea!!

Today I added 2 new prints to the Anchored in Christ Store!

Also there is only 3 days left to order the “Anchored in Christ Poem” for $10

And the “Anchors of Promise Print” for $10