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Early Will I Seek You mugs are here!!

Yall I am beyond excited to share with you that my favorite verse that has encouraged me so much to get into God's word or to give up a quick prayer of help each morning, is now on a coffee mug! This verse is on a little sticky note on top of my desk and… Continue reading Early Will I Seek You mugs are here!!

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What a Friend We Have in Jesus {Anchor of Promise #39}

Anchor of Promise #39 God is merciful and hears our cries. Psalm 34 is jam packed full of some really great promises from God. David experienced God's soverign power through delivering him from the hands of King Saul who pursued to kill him. He writes this Psalm and repeats the theme of God's abundance of… Continue reading What a Friend We Have in Jesus {Anchor of Promise #39}

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Feed the Birds, Toppins a Bag… {Anchor of Promise #34}

God knows exactly what we need-so He doesn't want us to worry and put all our energy into that worry. But instead to see the proof of His providence in Yesterday, and in the birds of the air. He wants us to put all our energy into what He has called us to do with our life and into seeking His face by getting to know Who He is, and by getting closer to Him the easier it will be for us to trust Him.

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Have You Ever Been Late? {Anchor of Promise #32}

Anchor of Promise #32 "Jesus is ALWAYS on Time" The story of Jesus bringing Lazarus back to life is one of my many favorite stories of Jesus' mercy and love. You can find this whole account in John 11. But what I want to pull out of this story is the concept of Jesus' amazing… Continue reading Have You Ever Been Late? {Anchor of Promise #32}

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The Job with THE BEST Benefits! Anchor of Promise #9

As He changes our hearts over time, our fear and love for Him just grows and grows. The desires we once had or things we found pleasure in, no longer satisfy because we have gotten so close to the best source of satisfaction.