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Joy No Matter What

How can we have peace and joy in every season of our life? The answer is by throwing your anchor into the rock of Jesus. If your anchor is clinging to the circumstances of this world or onto your emotions you will only become shipwrecked and left feeling hopeless. But cling to Jesus and no… Continue reading Joy No Matter What

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Cut the Gab

Why is it so easy to find fault in others? We live in a world where we can download apps and rate people's looks, have sites to bully and shame "friends", young ladies and men giving themselves away to addictions and sex, and suicide rates are at the highest why are we not speaking… Continue reading Cut the Gab

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Kindness is Contagious! (Anchor of Promise #46)

God's kindness is abundant (Psalm 117:2) and one of the best attributes He possesses. Allow Him to show you His love and as you experience it, you will also develop this kindness in your heart, because your heart is so close to His. Keep seeking and asking God to help you express this kindness and love to others, because it is contagious and uplifting!

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Have You Ever Been Late? {Anchor of Promise #32}

Anchor of Promise #32 "Jesus is ALWAYS on Time" The story of Jesus bringing Lazarus back to life is one of my many favorite stories of Jesus' mercy and love. You can find this whole account in John 11. But what I want to pull out of this story is the concept of Jesus' amazing… Continue reading Have You Ever Been Late? {Anchor of Promise #32}

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Who you gonna call?

Now that I got the Ghost busters theme song in your head...Happy Saturday! I could not find a pen this morning anywhere! Having 2 curious toddlers running around, I am sure they will show up in random places. So a crayon served it's purpose for highlighting some awesome verses that I am going to share… Continue reading Who you gonna call?

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“Had a bad day againnn.” Anchor of Promise #3

Keep your head up, because above every stormy cloud is a blue sky. God wants to accomplish His purpose through whatever circumstance you are facing today. Pray and ask Him to guide your thoughts and steps as you try to see the silver lining!