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Kindness is Contagious! (Anchor of Promise #46)

God's kindness is abundant (Psalm 117:2) and one of the best attributes He possesses. Allow Him to show you His love and as you experience it, you will also develop this kindness in your heart, because your heart is so close to His. Keep seeking and asking God to help you express this kindness and love to others, because it is contagious and uplifting!

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Mission Impossible Became POSSIBLE {Anchor of Promise #29}

Anchor of Promise #29 God can do the Impossible! Luke 18:27-" The things which are impossible with men are possible with God." Jesus just got done speaking to the "rich young" ruler, who had asked Jesus so boldly in front of the crowds "What must I do to inherit eternal life?" This man either inherited… Continue reading Mission Impossible Became POSSIBLE {Anchor of Promise #29}

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Who you gonna call?

Now that I got the Ghost busters theme song in your head...Happy Saturday! I could not find a pen this morning anywhere! Having 2 curious toddlers running around, I am sure they will show up in random places. So a crayon served it's purpose for highlighting some awesome verses that I am going to share… Continue reading Who you gonna call?

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Nothing Can Separate { Anchor of Promise #19 }

Anchor of Promise #19 Nothing Can Separate Last night I learned a little bit about the nature of demons, who they are, their activities here on earth and how much they try to make us fall into lies and temptations. These followers of Satan (who once were fallen angels of Heaven) are so intelligent and… Continue reading Nothing Can Separate { Anchor of Promise #19 }