He must increase, I must decrease

Bad..guilty pleasure of mine..and being in Ohio, they are everywhere to buy! 😄😋 It has been such a blessing to be here visiting my family and friends. Working at the table on some things for the shop, while the kids are having some down time before the whole family comes over tonight… As I sitContinue reading “He must increase, I must decrease”

Remember I’m Human

When I look at my wrist, I cannot ignore the fact that these Anchors mean so much to me and how much God has grown my faith in Him. Am I perfect or Miss goody goody who always does the right thing or says the right thing?? No way jose! I stumble and make badContinue reading “Remember I’m Human”

Power of Prayer

How is your prayer life? Prayer is a privilege that we sometimes forget to partake of. It’s not just a quick “dear God help!” type of privilege, but to come on our knees in front of the most Holy and Almighty God who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He made us,Continue reading “Power of Prayer”

Are You Persecuted?

Persecution of Christians is getting more rampant today. Does it scare you at all that you could be next? Do you even feel persecuted? I had to ask myself these 2 questions. Persecution happens on all levels and I have only had a smidgen of it from coworkers or just on social media in generalContinue reading “Are You Persecuted?”

Do Not Fear

I love how much God wants to reveal Himself to us through His word don’t you? Reading Revelation this morning, a book of the Bible most people fear or don’t understand because of the timelines, symbols etc..I’m one of those lol..but after studying just 1 chapter I am convinced it is not meant to beContinue reading “Do Not Fear”

Joy No Matter What

How can we have peace and joy in every season of our life? The answer is by throwing your anchor into the rock of Jesus. If your anchor is clinging to the circumstances of this world or onto your emotions you will only become shipwrecked and left feeling hopeless. But cling to Jesus and noContinue reading “Joy No Matter What”

Who Am I??

Do you ever have this question? I know I did for years! I tried for so long to “find” myself through jobs, goals, career dreams, etc. No matter how many “successes” I had, the defeats always lingered around and suffocated out any hope. But when it all came crashing down and I realized life isContinue reading “Who Am I??”


I am so thankful that God chooses to not remember my sins. He never forgets them, because how could you forget being crucified for someone’s sins?? Instead He chooses not to remember our sins anymore when we confess them to Him. He doesn’t write them down and hold them against us like we do inContinue reading “Forgiveness”

He Knows {Anchor of Promise #40}

Be encouraged today that the Creator of this world can relate to you. In whatever situation you are in, He knows and He cares. He wants to extend His arms of grace and hold you in His arms of mercy. Call on Him BOLDLY and know that He loves when you talk to Him.

Stop Working! The Work is done! Anchor of Promise #17

Stop believing the lies that you have to fix all your issues before God can forgive you. (Romans 5:8 But God demonstrated His own love towards us, in that while we were sinners, Christ died for us.)