Power of Prayer

How is your prayer life? Prayer is a privilege that we sometimes forget to partake of. It’s not just a quick “dear God help!” type of privilege, but to come on our knees in front of the most Holy and Almighty God who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He made us,Continue reading “Power of Prayer”

How God Sees Me

“Flowers don’t compete with other flowers, they just bloom” My all time favorite quote.. Being real here… This is me, a black & white filter, imperfections taken out , and now my skin looks flawless, but is it? Nope! If you could see me in real life, you would see imperfections on my oily skin,Continue reading “How God Sees Me”

Do You Truly Believe That God is Always Good?

It’s always easier to give thanks for something we wanted or for a good thing we didn’t expect. But what about the things that we don’t want to welcome in our life? I know personally, I am not a grateful person when I get sick, experience a loss of a family member or friend, orContinue reading “Do You Truly Believe That God is Always Good?”

Who Am I??

Do you ever have this question? I know I did for years! I tried for so long to “find” myself through jobs, goals, career dreams, etc. No matter how many “successes” I had, the defeats always lingered around and suffocated out any hope. But when it all came crashing down and I realized life isContinue reading “Who Am I??”

Is HE Enough?

If all that you have was stripped away from you…could you still praise Jesus for being your only desire and hope? Is HE just enough? You see when we start adding onto Jesus that’s when we get our perspective shifted to a false gospel of Who He is..it’s never Jesus and ___. Don’t allow yourContinue reading “Is HE Enough?”

Mission Impossible Became POSSIBLE {Anchor of Promise #29}

Anchor of Promise #29 God can do the Impossible! Luke 18:27-” The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” Jesus just got done speaking to the “rich young” ruler, who had asked Jesus so boldly in front of the crowds “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” This man either inheritedContinue reading “Mission Impossible Became POSSIBLE {Anchor of Promise #29}”