Are You Persecuted?

Persecution of Christians is getting more rampant today. Does it scare you at all that you could be next? Do you even feel persecuted? I had to ask myself these 2 questions. Persecution happens on all levels and I have only had a smidgen of it from coworkers or just on social media in generalContinue reading “Are You Persecuted?”

Cut the Gab

Why is it so easy to find fault in others? We live in a world where we can download apps and rate people’s looks, have sites to bully and shame “friends”, young ladies and men giving themselves away to addictions and sex, and suicide rates are at the highest rate…so why are we not speakingContinue reading “Cut the Gab”

YOU and I put the “U” and “I” in UNITY

How can the hand of Christ reach others when it is too busy pointing at the sin of other believers and or lost people? Try not to be that hand that points but the hand that holds.