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There are so many pros and cons for bodysuits. A few pros that I have found from wearing the 2 that I own are this:

  1. They clean up frumpy lines. I love that it is a smooth transition from shirt to shorts or shirt to pants.

  2. No more plumber crack. Seriously, you read that right. If you do not struggle with this than, I am jealous. I love that I don’t have to worry about anything showing when I wear a bodysuit.

  3. Depending on the bodysuit- they can act as spandex. Yes, please! This one that I am linking, is stretchy and helps with control. It is not a spandex brand, but I do love the feel of it and the elasticity to it.


Hopefully that gives a little more insight to why I love these so much! I will say, do not wait until the last second if you have to use the bathroom. Each bodysuit has a unique closure. Both of mine are buttons (only 2, thank the Lord!) Some have clasps like your average bra…Getting the snaps to close can be a challenge if you are not used to them.

Today’s outfit is this cute bodysuit . I chose a medium because I was nervous how tight it would be. I am 5’1 and about 130lbs . My weight is usually carried in midsection to legs. (thank you genetics)… The shorts I am wearing are also a Medium (I usually wear around a 6-8 depending on brand.) I LOVE these shorts!!!! You can roll them again if you want them a little shorter! And then of course the cute headband

You guys, I just adore these headbands! They are not like a head-wrap. They are you average, horseshoe shaped headband. The little pearl embellishments make it so cute! They come in all colors. I bought the 3 pack of cream, brown, and blue.

Also, my favorite fuzzy slippers are on SALE!!!


My slipper color is “beige” . They are so comfy and don’t really make my feet sweat, given that they have like a faux fur inside! UGG makes a slipper like these, but I prefer to save my money and just get something similar. These did not disappoint!

Lastly, the sunless tanner I am using is AMAZING! I have tried so many different kinds, but this one is by Skinerals. I linked the bundle because the mitts are a MUST. I thought I could just use my hands like some others that I have used before, but it made my hands black! So FYI, use the mitts!!! I love it because it does not make me streaky and gives a nice bronzed glow!

I hope you found today’s look to be easy and fun! Follow me on Instagram for other ideas!!


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Hello friends! My name is Erin! I am a 33 years old and have always loved finding ways to inspire or encourage others! My husband is my best friend and we have 2 little ones together! (boy and girl) I am not the best speller or grammar writer, but love to share my heart in the best way I can. On my page you will find older posts from when I first started out my blogging journey. And newer ones that show a more "fashionista" feel to it. I would love to incorporate both to inspire you to be your best on the inside as well as on your outside! Beauty starts within. I am an affiliate with Amazon and Target at the moment. So any links you see for clothes, home goods, etc is all linked to my commissioned affiliation. I would be ever so grateful if you used those to shop with, if you like what you see! Now not all links will stay active forever, so if you see a link and it is no longer available, message me or reach out on instagram! ----> my handle name ....anchoredinchrist.619 (make sure the period is there before the numbers!) Hope you enjoy this page as much as I have setting it up! Blessings! Erin

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