Spring 2020

How are you handling this COVID-19 thing? I believe we all handle it in multiple ways, but the one thing that we all can relate to is that, we are all in this together!

Have you gotten out much as these restrictions have been lifting? I hope you remember not to be afraid. Let us remember not to live in fear, but to trust in our Creator, Who keeps everything held together. None of this has taken Him by surprise and no border can restrict His presence! Keep being the light!

I have been trying to find new spring dresses and this one just tops them all. I saw a lady on Instagram post about this one and I had to get it fast!

This beautiful, flowy dress is even on SALE right now!!!IMG_20200523_175404_700

I love that it buttons all the way down to about the knee. You can make your slit as low or high as you’d like! It also can be used as a kimono with a cute pair of shorts and top!

The hat also is on Amazon! I absolutely love this hat! It is really classy and dresses down any outfit. Velvet to touch and lightweight!


I hope you enjoyed this post! Visit me on Instagram and see the highlight reel for my “BLOG” to see the short video I created showing this style!

Published by anchoredinchrist619

Hello friends! My name is Erin! I am a 33 years old and have always loved finding ways to inspire or encourage others! My husband is my best friend and we have 2 little ones together! (boy and girl) I am not the best speller or grammar writer, but love to share my heart in the best way I can. On my page you will find older posts from when I first started out my blogging journey. And newer ones that show a more "fashionista" feel to it. I would love to incorporate both to inspire you to be your best on the inside as well as on your outside! Beauty starts within. I am an affiliate with Amazon and Target at the moment. So any links you see for clothes, home goods, etc is all linked to my commissioned affiliation. I would be ever so grateful if you used those to shop with, if you like what you see! Now not all links will stay active forever, so if you see a link and it is no longer available, message me or reach out on instagram! ----> my handle name ....anchoredinchrist.619 (make sure the period is there before the numbers!) Hope you enjoy this page as much as I have setting it up! Blessings! Erin

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