Living in the shadow instead of the spotlight.

Do you ever find yourself completely mesmerized by a Christian author, speaker, or even a Pastor?

I find myself always crying when I watch Beth Moore. I think it’s because I love how real she is and how much I want to be like her when I grow up LOL. But seriously, I find myself feeling star struck when I watch her along with other speakers.

Today I find the early church struggled with a similar feeling.

Peter and the apostles were given power to heal and exorcise demons out of people. Their miracles were becoming the talk of the town. Many people gave their life to Christ and the early church was founded. (Acts 5)

Because of their healing powers, many not only believed they could heal the sick, but also some became superstitious. If they could just be in the shadow of Peter’s robe, they believed he would heal them. Their view of the apostles were similar to viewing them as God Himself. 

If we are not careful, we will start viewing those that inspire us in a way that God never intended. And I’m sure they would agree too, not to put them on a pedestal. God is the One who gave them the words or power. God is the One who should get all the praise and glory.

My heart behind these posts is to always direct our focus to Jesus. My prayer is that I can be in the shadow of the cross and my words will be used to bring a soul closer to Jesus. He gets all the credit for these words and I hope you will be encouraged and yet not hold me up on any pedestal. God wants to use all of us on different platforms in life. Let’s continue to point to Him when He uses us, so that others that may not know Jesus, will see Him through us and want to know Him more, because of His incredible power, not ours.


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