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“Choose Joy” it just a slogan?

I always hear people say, “Choose joy!” Or see that phrase on many things. But I wonder sometimes, is it just a saying we like to say or do we actually DO it? Maybe it’s just my issue of not being joyful lol.

I’m so glad for a new day! The past several days have been exhausting and today it just seems like God has given me a little pep to my step. 

I hope and pray you will find a little sunshine in your day today. Regardless of whatever is happening around you in this world, at work, or at home, let’s remember that Jesus brings us new mercies and new joy every morning. Claim that joy today as yours! Don’t allow Satan to steal that joy that isn’t rightly his for the taking. 

I literally had to look in the mirror and give myself a pep talk this morning. Crazy maybe? Yeah I am. But it helped me realize that my mood and my thoughts about myself or even about assumptions of the day ahead can make or break my spirit.

Turn to joy and choose it for starting out your day!!

Have a great day!!

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