The Best is Yet to Come


Romans 8:18-“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” Everytime I go back to Ohio to visit family, I leave with a precious treasure of my Mom’s (she passed away when I was 8 from a rare form of brain disease, CJD)
I have many things from some jewelry to her AVON trophies and pictures..but my most favorite pieces are her notes or written out verses…my sister @shabby_rustic_on_a_dime  currently has her bible, so excited to get it next!😄)
Anyways this treasure is nothing fancy, but simply in her writing a promise from God..Romans 8:18.
What I love too is my Step Mom found it and put it to a piece of scrapbook paper and laminated it for me to keep…it now resides in my Bible..you guessed where, Romans 8..
The ironic thing about this is at the top she wrote 1994..that was the year she died. During her moments of laying completely like a vegtable, I can’t help but wonder if this verse rang in her heart…that soon her suffering would be over and the pain she went through was not worth comparing to her new glorified body she was about to receive…
Whatever it is your facing, if it’s persecution for being bold, or just everyday battles, know that God promises that this suffering is temporary. One day He will reveal to you a glory that can’t be described or worth comparing to.
Hold fast to the promises of God, for when trials come, you can have the steadfast hope of Jesus’ love for you. Keep waiting, the best is yet to come!
Thank you Mom for writing this down!


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