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He must increase, I must decrease


Bad..guilty pleasure of mine..and being in Ohio, they are everywhere to buy! 😄😋
It has been such a blessing to be here visiting my family and friends. Working at the table on some things for the shop, while the kids are having some down time before the whole family comes over tonight…
As I sit here and think back on when this all started in May, I cannot help but lift my hands and bow my head in gratitude for God placing a desire in my heart to chase after Him and to bring others with me. To fully rely on His timing, His desires, and do it all for His purpose and glory.
I am so excited to see how He will use the anchoredinchrist619 blog/IG/FB/Shop in 2016. He amazes me and keeps reminding me that this is all HIS and not mine. Every day it is a choice to die to myself and put on Jesus in my words, thoughts, pursuits, and actions. It is hard, but so worth letting Him have the reigns. I am so happy He uses broken and messy people for His glory and purposes.
Thank you for your support and love as I continue to follow God’s desire for this company.
Merry Christmas!!
**All orders taken today and tomorrow will be shipped tomorrow when I get back from Ohio. Link in shop!**

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