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Only Trust Him Now


What if we put all our trust in God?
According to this verse, it is better than putting our confidence in man.
God will NEVER fail us, but will EXCEED our expectations.
God will NEVER let us fall, but instead lift us up on wings of eagles.
God will NEVER forget us, because how can you forget about who you died for?
God will NEVER gossip about us, instead He stands up for us when we are accused by the enemy.
God will NEVER hold grudges, but will forgive us as far as the east is from the west.
God won’t just say “I’m praying for you”, but will ask you to let Him help.
Why is it so hard to Trust someone like Him and yet we are so quick in trusting sinful man?? Our expectations will always be let down if our full confidence is in man. JESUS completes, sustains, and is in control.


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