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Warriors not Worriers


“Begin the battle on your knees.”- Priscilla Shirer
How can we be victorious when hard trials come our way? The quote above nails it on the head.
It all begins with daily prayer, getting on our knees and asking God to give us boldness, to empty us of ourselves, and to claim His promise of victory no matter what Satan tries to stifle us with.
It’s when we take to our knees that we will be able to stand & be victoriois, when those trials come.
Standing victorious, is a side effect of a fully surrendered faith and trust in the Almighty Jesus Christ.
I have learned this just recently, but it’s still something I have to work on. Remembering that we have the same power in us as Jesus Christ, should allow us to walk with purpose and in victory. Not as defeated worriers.
So let’s be WARRIORS not WORRIERS 💪👊☝


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