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Anchor of Promise #47 God’s Word is Faithful

Anchor of Promise #47 God’s Word is Faithful

2015-11-12_08.58.11God’s word, the Bible. The most popular book that so many have sitting in their bookshelves at home. The book that saves souls, is the direct line to God Himself, and yet it sits in our homes, untouched or rarely cracked open. Instead our lives have been full of on demand shows we can stream on our phones, TV, computers, tablets etc. Taking our attention from what is good to things that either are not so good or become our habit in quiet times. We have drowned out the whisper of God’s voice with noise. Life gets so stressful and overwhelming leaving us wondering if God is even there.

Today I wanted to encourage us to keep seeking God. We have freedoms that most in this world do not have in having an open Bible in our homes and churches. If your Bible was taken away and every Bible App was deleted, what would you have to comfort you? Would you know enough verses or have journals of Bible devotionals you have done in the past to go back to? This is a question I had to ask myself and honestly, my bible verse tank in my mind is very slim. I have gotten recently into journaling and hope one day I will be able to pass them to my kids. But in the mean time, is my love for the Bible so outrageous that nothing is distracting me or seem worth my time more than the Bible?

If you could go in your Bible to Psalm 119- the biggest Psalm chapter which is jam packed full of amazing praises to God from David.. David knew the importance of having God’s word. He loved it so much that we will see in a minute that it consumed all of his time and energy. Being a King, I can only imagine his time each day was very busy. But he never neglected God’s word. Even when He was running for his life from King Saul, he remembered the promises and wisdom from God’s word that gave him his only hope and comfort in the darkest days of his life.

Psalm 119:138- “Your Testimonies, which You have commanded, are righteous and very faithful.” David knew that God’s word was righteous, true, and faithful. This knowledge of the Bible allowed his heart to love it (verse 140- Your word is very pure, Therefore Your servant loves it.”)

Through his troubles and trying times, his one delight was in God’s word. (Verse 143)

He asks God to direct his steps with the word and not allow sin to overtake him. (verse 133)

He ponders on the Word in the morning before the sun comes up and during the night when we wakes up, because he hopes in the Word. (verse 147)

David’s zeal for the Word of God is what I want, what about you?

“But my schedule is crazy!” “You have no idea how crazy my house is with kids and school. I just don’t have the time I’d like.”  These may be legit excuses, but whatever it is that we find important, we will make time for. I found on my Bible app that you can listen to the Word which is pretty neat, if you are doing house chores, or sitting at your desk (if your boss allows) or even in your car. You can make your devotional time happen, its just seeing the importance of it. I had a struggle with this too. I still do! I am human and life just happens, but its when we focus on other things to bring us that relief we need that should only come from God’s Word.

If the Bible is our telephone to God’s throne, why am I ignoring His calls so much?

Allow these verses to encourage you today to ask God, to help you stay focused on His Word.


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