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Remember I’m Human


When I look at my wrist, I cannot ignore the fact that these Anchors mean so much to me and how much God has grown my faith in Him.
Am I perfect or Miss goody goody who always does the right thing or says the right thing?? No way jose!
I stumble and make bad choices just like anybody else!I am horrible with grammar and when I speak, it is far from eloquent. If you could ask me a question face to face I would probably studder my way through an answer. Over the years I have developed almost a speech impedament that makes me studder and stammer’s so frustrating.
What I’m trying to get at is, I am reminded when I look at my wrist, that I am human and my anchor needs to be cast into the rock of Jesus daily! No take that back, hourly! I make mistakes, I don’t always have my focus on Jesus, I’m not always in the Bible at the crack of dawn, I’m not always tender hearted or happy…don’t get the wrong impression from my posts that I have it all together, because I don’t. But what I do have is an anchor, that keeps me together because it’s in the most solid rock I know, Jesus Christ.
He fixes my flaws, cleans my crazy messes, forgives my wandering heart, and uses me to write for Him.
Don’t be afraid to be broken or to not feel put together because none of us are perfect..but don’t be satisfied being like Jesus in any moment that you can remember to. Make yourself reminders and the crazy part is your reminders will start reminding others as well..both these bracelets were given to me from some incredible friends because the anchor reminded them of this passion I have and how awesome that it also maybe got them to remember their rock is Jesus too!
Don’t settle for a spiritual status quo, but seek after the truth of the Bible and watch God grow your faith and abilities because of HIM not of yourself.
Have a great week!!!


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