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The Secret to Peace


Great peace have those, who love your law. -Psalm 119:165

Peace. The one thing most of us want, not just for the world, but in our own lives.
I have found as I have read more of God’s promises that the key or “secret” to having peace is not only trusting God has it all in control, but to LOVE the Bible.
If we allow ourselves to fall more in love with God’s word, we will be given GREAT peace.
A peace that won’t get offended by people’s words, actions, or assumptions.
A peace that forgives the enemy in our life and creates a friendship like none other.
A peace that calms when we want to over react.
A peace that allows us to find the blessing in a trial.
A peace that never allows anyone, or any circumstance steal our joy.
Don’t you want that type of peace? I know I do! Making the Bible a priority can be tough in this busy world, but I challenge you to try and make time for it. We always make time for what we want, and my prayer for you all (and myself) is that we will LOVE our Bibles more and have GREAT peace.
Happy #wednesday!


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