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Are You Persecuted?


Persecution of Christians is getting more rampant today.
Does it scare you at all that you could be next?
Do you even feel persecuted?
I had to ask myself these 2 questions. Persecution happens on all levels and I have only had a smidgen of it from coworkers or just on social media in general for being a voice for Jesus..but I cannot even imagine the type of persecution that’s happening around the world of people being tortured and killed for being bold.
If it came a day, and it is approaching (take Oregon shooting for ex)..would you and I be bold enough to be the next person to take a stand for Jesus if it meant our life?
We can deny Jesus with our words, but we can also deny Him with our silence.
Stay strong and be bold Christians for it is not a war of flesh and blood but of spirit. But great is our victory for Jesus has overcome the enemy and he will face his destruction soon. Don’t allow him to keep you silent for Jesus.


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