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Soar Like Eagles


I love this verse don’t you?
I always love how God always has a reason for His analogies like the “eagle” in this verse..
🐣When baby eagles start to learn how to fly they will either be kicked out of the nest by the Momma eagle or they just walk out of it..the fall down is accompanied by the Momma. Once she realizes they cannot fly, she goes underneath them and brings them back to the safety of her nest…
After that sank in to me..and read this verse, it totally brought me chills.
Jesus may cause us to take a step of faith, or we may just jump out on our own..but He doesn’t just allow us to fall. He is with us during the entire descent. And when He sees we can’t handle anymore, He mounts us up on wings as eagles..and brings us safely back to His safe haven of rest.
The point is this..He is ALWAYS with us and knows how much we can handle.
Each trial is an opportunity to glorify Him and He will always be faithful to never let you be overcome by your fall.
If you feel overwhelmed or feel like you are “falling at an incredible rate of speed, remember God is right beside you and ready to be underneath to will lift you up..He knows what’s best for you and is always looking out for your safety and rest. Find peace in Him.


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