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Do Not Fear


I love how much God wants to reveal Himself to us through His word don’t you? Reading Revelation this morning, a book of the Bible most people fear or don’t understand because of the timelines, symbols etc..I’m one of those lol..but after studying just 1 chapter I am convinced it is not meant to be confusing or scary..This book is about Jesus revealing what’s to come to His beloved disciple John for us to have. Jesus is seen in His full glory as the King of Kings and the appearance of Him found in the first Chapter even scares John to the point of falling down like a dead man. (Revelation 1:12-20)
JOHN, the one who was with Jesus his whole ministry, feared Jesus…but the fear leaves him when Jesus touches John on his shoulder..and says “don’t fear, it’s me” (paraphrasing) verse17-18.
I don’t think his fear was all just from a scared type of fear, but a reverential type of fear we ought to have of Jesus..Isaiah also had this type of response when He saw heaven and God, he fell on his face.. (Isaiah 6)
Is there something that you are fearing today? Has this fear made you forget the King of Kings is also your friend and helper? He is touching your shoulder saying, “don’t be afraid, I’m here, it’s me.”
Stand today on the promises that Jesus is always with us and wants to be our leader and helper.
Have a Happy Monday!!


2 thoughts on “Do Not Fear”

  1. Revelation is quite possibly my favorite book of the Bible (along with, you know, my other 20 most favorites…). It really is incredible how much God just wants to be known and to know: you. My wife and I can’t help but have just a little heartbreak with the thought. God just wants to talk to people, but we’re so often caught up in our own thing and programs and schedules. He just wants a friend to share His thought and heart with…
    Grace and peace in Christ, and I pray that the book of Revelation begins to open up to you. It might have subjects that seem “scary”, but there is glory there.

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