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How God Sees Me


“Flowers don’t compete with other flowers, they just bloom”
My all time favorite quote..
Being real here…
This is me, a black & white filter, imperfections taken out , and now my skin looks flawless, but is it? Nope! If you could see me in real life, you would see imperfections on my oily skin, black circles under my puffy tired eyes, and crooked/ coffee /sweet tea stained teeth. Hair needing a trim and roots growing out a different color than my hair..nose that is crooked from being hit in basketball..I am NOT perfect, but learning to embrace my imperfections and work out the self inflicted ones..I make a TON of mistakes..and I’m pretty sure my tombstone will say “She tried” 😂 .(see how I expanded on the negative?) But over the years I have embraced my “flaws” and getting more comfortable in my skin…so why use a filter? I’m just trying to make a point lol.
Or maybe my imperfections wouldn’t stand out to you..because we all are our own worst critic.
But how would you describe yourself??
If we could see ourselves the way God sees us, it would be like this filtered, touched up picture of me..white as snow from His redeeming mercy and flawless because of His hands molding us into what He wants us to be.
Imperfections are what creates us to be real, so I’m not saying be ashamed of them, but just realize when YOU see them and meditate on all your “bad qualities” and compete with someone else, God shakes his head and says, “you are beautiful”.
Embrace the person that Jesus sees, he looks past your flaws, imperfections, and wants to work on your inner beauty so that in time it blooms out of your heart and reflects His glory!


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