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Do You Truly Believe That God is Always Good?

It’s always easier to give thanks for something we wanted or for a good thing we didn’t expect.
But what about the things that we don’t want to welcome in our life?
I know personally, I am not a grateful person when I get sick, experience a loss of a family member or friend, or when money is tight…
But God wants us to remember that in the hardships and trials of life, to thank Him. For He is working behind the scenes to make all things good on our behalf. It may not feel like it right now, but Trust that He is sovereign and maybe is using your trial to help you to depend more on HIM and not on your own strength, or to quiet you in His love..because we get so busy and forget the important things like spending time with Him..and being still in His presence.
Give thanks for He is ALWAYS good and His love NEVER stops. He has overcome the world, and gives us Life and Freedom to walk Victoriously!


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