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Love is not a fight

“To some love is a word,
That they can fall into,
But when they’re falling out,
Keeping that word is hard to do.
So lock the door behind you,
Throw away the key,
Work it out together,
Let it bring us to our knees.
Cause love is a shelter,
In a raging storm.
Love is a peace,
In the middle of a war.
And if we try to leave
May God send angels to guard the door.
No love is not a fight
But it’s something worth fighting for.”- singer Warren Barfield “Love is not a fight”-
Love the truth in this song..if your marriage is rocky, which we all have or will experience, remember that you are a team and it’s not worth allowing Satan to destroy your takes work, sacrifice, a deep forgiveness, and alot of prayer…there is no perfect marriage, but the one we have with Jesus as his Bride and one day we will see our bridegroom for the 1st time face to face.
Praying for the marriages struggling tonight..keep praying and fighting for your spouse.
(📷- my engagement photo)



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