Walk By Faith NOT By Sight

It’s much easier to walk through a room when it’s lit. I experienced that last night when our power was out..when there is light, you can see all the things you want to avoid from tripping over or stepping on…man those little Legos are killers!!
But it’s in the night or when our light is no more that we are more cautious on taking a step into the unseen.
Life is alot like this isn’t it? We are more carefree when it all makes sense and seems to go our way..but man once a hardship of darkness stifles our lighted path we panic and are afraid to move..is being cautious

a bad thing? Certainly not..but God is our leader in the light and in the dark..He can be trusted in both and wants us to remember that when we don’t see our steps, He is guiding us…instead of hanging onto the questions and uncertainties we need to keep our focus on the truths of what we do know…that God is Almighty, all-knowing, ever present in time of need, knows what’s best for us, and goes as far as to always work out good on our behalf..
Keep your focus on the truths not on the uncertainties that may cause you to doubt or stumble. He can be Trusted and NEVER disappoints! 😄



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