Praise Him in the Storms

We all have those days..
You know the ones I am talking about..where something happens that we did not expect and almost like a snowball it continues to build and escalate and we feel like screaming..
Today was one of those days for me..and since I have no power and have some time, I need to write what’s on my heart..
I won’t even vent about the things that made my day a struggle because it’s nothing new, you may have been through it too or have worse trials…but the point is this..
As I drove to the store tonight in the rain, I was reminded by God that He is good even in the storms…storms are often looked at with a negative mindset, but storms of life are what water us and nurture our character to grow. So that when it’s time, we can bloom on the sunny days.
I’ve heard a Pastor once on a movie set, talk about how each of us love those movies where there is struggle and oppression and see the character come out victorious in the end…fighting cancer survivor , a marriage issue that gets resolved, or guy gets the hard to get girl etc…but when it comes to our lives we don’t like the oppression..we want smooth sailing..if we could write our own story it would be have a happy life, great figure, great wealth and lots of friends..if it were that way our stories would be boring…but God has written out each of our stories and wants us to be the character He created for us. We will face oppression or trials and it only builds our character and inspires others to keep pushing as they watch us…
So take heart tonight, if you are going through a trial, count it joy because God is building your character…stick to the script and embrace the storm with open arms and a lifted face.



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