The Love of God

❤The Love of God is greater than any height, for it has no limits.
❤It is calmer than any still body of water
❤It is more thrilling than any anticipated first kiss.
❤It is more beautiful than the reds and oranges in a sunset.
❤It is kinder than any compliment you could receive.
❤It is faithful when we are not.
❤It is always giving, asking for nothing in return.
❤It never pressures but leaves us smitten.
❤It is patient when we offend
❤And Forgiving when we harm.
❤The love of God is just undescribable, and the beauty is when we have wandered from Him, He promises us that HE NEVER STOPPED LOVING us!! He will always take us back without grudges or nagging but instead with open arms, tears of joy, words of how much He has missed us, and welcome us to sit at His banqueting table that He prepared for us.
❤Ain’t God good? I’m so happy He took this wayward Christian back!



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