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Warm Pews, but Cold Hearts

This morning I read in Isaiah 66:1-4.

God values people who are humble, contrite, and who follow His word. Isaiah is encouraging God’s people to follow and obey His word if they want to enjoy God’s blessings. What were they doing wrong?

They were worshiping God in mockery.Their sacrificial rituals were just empty rituals. Inside their hearts they hated God’s people and were so far from God. They were prideful and their worship was all in vain and not from a heart that wanted to please the Lord.

Isn’t this so prevalent in today’s society? There are so many churches today that have “Americanized” Christianity to 823001743fb5e182d88b232d80562919match the “American Dream”. Prosperity. The buildings are huge, the people flock in by the hundreds, just to come in and hear a message that is so shallow and just tickles the ears. The Bible is non-existent, and if it is even preached, it is a watered  down, make ya feel good message. I won’t name the preachers I am thinking about, but they are huge into this prosperity Gospel…

The Gospel is simple…Jesus came was born of a virgin, lived a perfect sinless life, was our sacrifice for our sins on the cross, rose again on the 3rd day.  Jesus’ message was not to live a life of fame and fortune. He was homeless, had nothing to His name, made His grand enterance on a donkey on Palm Sunday, asked His followers to abandon their jobs and follow Him, even to the point of death..  If Jesus’ Gospel message was “YOU CAN DO IT! GO BE BLESSED BY MAKING LOTS OF MONEY AND THEN GOD CAN USE YOU..” then His example of His life is a mockery of the gospel.

10273_1God wants us to realize that worshiping Him is serious and demands our full heart and nothing else added to it. When we come to church it should be in the right mind-set of giving it all to God, not allowing distractions to pull us away from the main reason we are there..worship! Why are we so impressed by these “motivational” churches and speakers? I guess the point of this writing today is please challenge what you are listening to in your own church with the Bible..if it is preaching Jesus AND…then it is not a church you need to be in. Jesus never needs anything added to Him.

He satisfies all our wants and desires and His desire for you and I is to give Him back the respect and adoration He deserv es in our worship. If we could ever experience what other churches are going through in different countries where their lives are at stake, I think we would have a HUGE wake up call to what America has turned “Church” into.

I know not every church is like this, or that the people are cold and shallow. I hope you don’t take that away from this post..just want to voice my concern of where the American Church is heading..its ME centered and $ Centered and the last time that happened, there were some tables that were flipped over by Jesus…


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