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Kindness is Contagious! (Anchor of Promise #46)

Anchor of Promise #46 God Never Runs Low on Kindness

Today I was reading through Colossians 3 &4 and noticed a theme of different attributes that we as followers of Christ are told to have in our lives.

Lists sometimes can overwhelm me and cause me to close up. But as I studied these lists and realized they are just a reflection of what we can be if we spend more time with God, it caused a peaceful relief.

a37a47de9103a88c0d6b973994d76ce9Among the list the one attribute that is above all, is love. Love is said to “cover a multitude of sins”. Love is called “the bond to perfection” in Colossians 3:15. If you think about the example of Jesus being love itself, it makes sense that love really does cover a multitude of sins. When you have pure love that we will see in a minute what God’s love is, you will be slow to commit sins that are relational. You will be slow to react in anger and pride.

God’s kindness is rooted in an endless-long suffering kind of love. I yearn so much for this type of love in my reactions and actions towards my family and friends. God wants us to experience this kind of love from Him so that we can reflect it to others that may not know Him. His goal is to bring others to himself by using us as His examples. His type of love is not one that pressures, confuses, brings conflict, or doubt. But is gentle, patient, peaceful, full of wisdom etc.

Kindness is not my natural reaction. It is something I have to work on daily, especially with two little toddlers. I know in my moments of weakness (which is many) when I react wrongly to my kids, I have to remember that God doesn’t act that way and they need to see His kindness and love through me. IT IS SO HARD sometimes..but by the power of the Holy Spirit and being teachable you and I can have victory in this area.

God’s kindness is abundant (Psalm 117:2) and one of the best attributes He possesses. Allow Him to show you His love and as you experience it, you will also develop this kindness in your heart, because your heart is so close to His. Keep seeking and asking God to help you express this kindness and love to others, because it is contagious and uplifting!


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