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Living Above the Status Quo {Anchor of Promise #45}

Living Above the Status Quo of Christianity

Do you ever struggle with sin? Like really struggle to where you know what you are doing is wrong, and afterwards it just makes you feel so ashamed you can’t even put into words a prayer of repentance?

I have been there MANY times. I have struggled trying to live up to the standard of what the Bible tells us to do and not to do. It almost became a list of rules in my life that I ended up being frustrated over because I was falling short.iStock_000013094923Small

The key to the above is one word that was repeated…”I”. You see we can try and do the right things. We can want to do the right things and STILL fall short of the mark of perfection. Why? Why did God lay out things in the Bible that almost seem so impossible to reach? The answer is because He first wants us to see that we CANNOT do it on our own. He wants us to then see that we indeed need the help of the Holy Spirit who was given to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Once we realize that it’s not something “we” can do on our own strength but, understand that to live a Christian life, we have to be filled with the Holy Spirit. How do you get filled? You ask and seek God each and every day. There are so many of us Christians who claim the name “Christ” but live in so much bondage.

In Colossians 3: 8-17– Paul encourages his fellow Christians to live their life as a “new man”. The old man was one who constantly lived in sin and had no victory. They would do evil things and not even care. But he encourages us to live a life of freedom by claiming the promise of the power of the Holy Spirit to live a life VICTORIOUS over those sins that we keep falling into.

The Bible isn’t a book of “do’s and do nots” but a mirror to reveal to us the image of God and let us see ourselves in light of who He is. Once we see ourselves in light of God and His holiness and glory, we can’t help but fall on our knees and ask Him to fill us with the Holy Spirit to start having victory. Reading and spending time with God will just become a habit and a joy. And you will start to wear the same characteristics of the “new man”. The Fruit of the Spirit will be relevant in your life as well! You see God doesn’t want us to read the Bible and get frustrated and give up. He wants us to see the life we CAN have if we just ask for His help and daily sacrifice our “flesh desires” to Him and seek a life of Victory over those sins.leadership

I hope this encouraged you to see the Bible in a fresh perspective. My passion is for you to fall more in love with Jesus and not be repulsed or frustrated with a book of “rules”. Because the Bible is not that at all. I hope and pray that you will see yourself in light of God’s amazing grace and ask for His help over the sins you have struggled with. He doesn’t want us to live in bondage when we were meant to live in FREEDOM!

Live above the Status Quo of what Christianity is turning into today. Claim the promise that God will help you have victory and to live life abundantly instead of chained down and defeated.


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