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Clean off the reflectors! {Anchor of Promise #44}

Anchor of Promise #44 We Reflect God’s Gloryastucia2

I have a pair of running shoes that have tiny reflectors on them. If I ever decide that I want to run in the dark, these reflectors can be seen by drivers as their head lights hit them. But what if I went running through mud and dirt? They would be covered in grime and filth and the reflectors would not serve their purpose.

The same goes for those that follow Jesus. We are God’s creation and our sole purpose is to reflect His glory to others.

Psalm 19 is one of my favorite Psalms just because it goes through and gives many promises about God’s creation and just how faith He is in being perfect. There is nothing that can compare to God or His glory.

My college I attended (Pensacola Christian College) had a song that went along with verses 7-11 that always helped me remember these verses..but I’d like to just pin point here some great truths that are hidden in them!

  1. The Law of the Lord is PERFECT, CONVERTING the soul.
  2. The Testimony of the Lord is SURE, making WISE the simple.
  3. The Statutes of the Lord are RIGHT, REJOICING the heart.
  4. The Commandment of the Lord is PURE, ENLIGHTENING the eyes.
  5. The fear of the Lord is CLEAN, ENDURING FOREVER!
  6. The judgments of the Lord are TRUE, RIGHTEOUS altogether.

I love how much truth is in each one of those phrases. All six of these are to be more desired then gold. It even repeats this again “yea then MUCH fine gold”. There is so much blessing when we are in submission to God. Because submission to God is to allow Him FULL control of everything, and to do what He calls us to do. He will bless us not in monetary ways but in ways that last for all eternity. We cannot be in full submission when our reflectors are dirty with sin. When we make our hearts right before Him, He will pick us up and clean us. The more our hearts are clean, we can then reveal God’s glory like Creation does. If we value the word of God, it will produce in us a life acceptable to God. (verse14).

When people see you, do they see a reflection of a Savior who died for them?


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