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Best Love Story {Anchor of Promise #42}

Anchor of Promise #42 “Jesus is our Redeemer”

Are you a softy for a good love story? I mean a “real” love story that takes persistence, is pure, and all ends with a “happy ever after”? I feel like the entertainment industries skew “love”. Their view of love is portrayed to teens and even adults that it’s all about sex and not giving the relationship your full commitment.

The story of Ruth is by far my most favorite love story. If you are not familiar with it and need a good story to read, turn in your Bible to Ruth and possibly find a commentary to explain how it relates to Jesus and what He did for us. Today I just want to tell you 5 reasons why I love this love story.

  1. The relationship between Ruth and her Mother-in-Law, Naomi is by far the closest of its kind. Ruth lost her husband to death and still told Naomi that she wants to stay with her and to follow her wherever she goes. She also says she wants to serve Naomi’s God, which tells me that Naomi lived out her faith in front of Ruth. Naomi loves Ruth so much and even later encourages her to get out and meet Boaz. Her advice along the way for Ruth in the relationship with Boaz was advised with pure, honest intentions.
  2. Ruth’s character is one of honor and respect. She is well known by the people around her and even catches the eye of King Boaz. Her character is noted as being a hard worker and a believer in God. She cared so much for those around her and always seeked to be in full humble submission to her authority.
  3. ruth_and_boazAs the love story develops between Boaz and Ruth, it’s almost like you can see it taking place. Knowing what that feels like myself you almost get those old butterflies back in your stomach. Boaz notices Ruth in his fields, because in those days the King allowed the people who were very poor to come into his fields and take any of the grain that had dropped from the baskets of the slaves who gleaned the fields. Boaz notices her and even tells his servants to purposely drop extra. He noticed how she didn’t take breaks like the other people did and was a hard worker.
  4. The love Boaz grows for Ruth is one of respect, loyalty, and is pure. He goes as far as to buying the land that Naomi lived on so that Ruth would become “his”. He bought Ruth with a price, although I’m sure he knew she was far worth more than the price of the land. But the point is he wanted her so badly and found a way to do it by law. The family tree of Jesus stems from Ruth and Boaz as well. How neat to see how God aligns people to fulfill His purposes.
  5. God loves us so much, but because of our sin He could not be near us but only by paying a price. He moved heaven and earth to be near us and sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. Jesus is our Boaz.  He paid the ultimate price so that we could become His “bride”.  The love of God is extravagant and pure. He wants us to become His but it is our choice to decide that.1f68583719fecd58629a7260498b3af3

I hope you see just how much Jesus loves you and I. And I hope that if you have not received what Jesus has done on the cross as your payment of sin that you will do that! If you want more information on how you can do that- I encourage you to read my blog post entitled “Amazing Grace“.

If you have accepted what Jesus did on the cross for you, I hope no matter what you are going through that you will remember that God loves you so much.  He has gone out of his way to redeem you to call you His bride.  Because of what He has done, we can have joy, peace, and live life abundantly!


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