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What a Friend We Have in Jesus {Anchor of Promise #39}

Anchor of Promise #39 God is merciful and hears our cries.friend-in-jesus

Psalm 34 is jam packed full of some really great promises from God. David experienced God’s soverign power through delivering him from the hands of King Saul who pursued to kill him. He writes this Psalm and repeats the theme of God’s abundance of mercy and how much He cares for us.

  • He hears our cries of help (verses 6-7)
  • There is blessing in trusting Him. (verse 8)
  • He doesn’t withhold any good thing from those who seek Him (verse 10)
  • His eyes are on the righteous and hears their cries (verse 15)
  • He sees the evil and faces it head on. He will be the judge (verse 15)
  • 3rd time he repeats that God hears our cries and is near to the broken hearted (verses 17-18)
  • He ends with the promise that those who trust in Him will not be condemned. (verse 22)

2015-06-26_12.39.26There are many days where we can feel overwhelmed, burdened, and stressed by the weight of this world. God wants us to know that He can be trusted and that He seriously does care for us. He wants to keep blessing us as we give over the control and continually seek Him. It takes time, effort, and humility to seek God’s plans for our life. As you continue to seek after Him you will notice you are full in the spirit. The things of the world that once seemed to “fill” you, seem less desirable. There is no hope that this world offers. All it offers is shallow promises of fulfillment and a high let down rate in our hopes.

Cling to God’s promises today that He wants to make your life full and withholds nothing that is good from you. You will lack no good thing when you decide to fully surrender your trust into Him. David wanted us to grasp the facet that those who seek after God would never lack the experience of God’s goodness, even in difficult times. (bible commentary)

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