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Mr. Clean {Anchor of Promise #38}

Anchor of Promise #38 “When I am cleaned, then I will be used.”

2 Timothy 2:20-26 is where you will find my inspiration for today.

I love using the clean/dirty plate illustration, to illustrate how God needs us to be clean in order to be used.

DIRTY DISHESWhen you go to your cabinet and reach for a glass you expect it to be clean. When you go to unload your dishwasher you expect the machine to have done its job of cleaning your dishes. The same goes for believers in Jesus Christ.

Our lives can get so dirty from unconfessed sin which starts to fester in our hearts. God wants to use us for His good works. If you were hosting a fancy dinner party, you probably would pull out your fine china. Because you want to serve your guests with the best you have. You cannot give your best if your fine china is dirty or broken.

God values our lives like we value fine china for serving. He wants to use His best “followers” to reach and serve the world. He wants us to daily cleanse ourselves (verse 21- Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from the latter, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified and useful for the Master, prepared for every good work.”) so that He can use us.

Preparation is key on our part. How do we prepare for hosting a dinner place_setting_green_floral_fine_china_vintageparty? We have to clean and make sure everything is ready for the event. Preparing to be used by God takes diligence, effort, and humility. We prepare our hearts by staying clean. How can we stay clean?Verses 22-26 show us how we can stay clean by things we should avoid.

I encourage you to ask God to cleanse you from the caked on sins, that are causing you to miss out on being mightily used for Him. He wants to restore and use you for His good works. This helps me greatly during the lows in my walk with God when I feel like I am not being used. I have to remember that the times it seems quiet may possibly be because I have not done my part of preparing myself for God’s use.


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