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Feed the Birds, Toppins a Bag… {Anchor of Promise #34}

Anchor of Promise #34 God always provides!!

Matthew 6:25-34 is an amazing read if you are struggling with worrying about finances or needs to be met. Jesus speaks to the people telling them “Do Not Worry!”

Not to worry for tomorrow, what they’ll eat, drink, or what they would wear for clothes. He gives us a comparison about the birds. How they are so small and much more insignificant than we are to God. But yet how much He cares for them and provides for them. How much more He desires to provide for us.

20150701_100143At the pond behind my house is a family of Canadian geese. They just had babies a few months back and it has been such a fun experience to see them grow up and lose their brown feathers on their heads and now they look like their parents. We daily take walks back there and bring some food for the geese. Each time we feed them I can’t help but be reminded of these verses. It’s fun to think that God is using my son and me to feed His creation that day. It’s such a comfort to know that their Creator is the same Creator of you and I, and He wants to provide for us too.

Verse 32 says, ” For your Heavenly Father knows that you NEED ALL THESE THINGS.” (food, drink, clothes etc.)

That is where our faith steps in. We can “know” this verse but never take it to heart and still worry and stress over things. But God wants us to know in our hearts and believe that God knows we need things. The next verse tells us then what to do next. “But seek first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness, and ALL THESE THINGS will be added to you. So don’t worry about tomorrow.”9e644dbd72cc9df324aecbe649d8abdb

Wow! Reading this for the first time in this context today brought me to tears. I guess it just finally clicked. God knows exactly what we need-so He doesn’t want us to worry and put all our energy into that worry. But instead to see the proof of His providence in Yesterday, and in the birds of the air. He wants us to put all our energy into what He has called us to do with our life and into seeking His face by getting to know Who He is, and by getting closer to Him the easier it will be for us to trust Him.

My prayer for you today is that you’ll see that your worth to God is far more than the birds of the air. Whom He provides for each day. Don’t worry but cast all your worry on Him- God knows what you need and He will keep providing for you as your learn to fully trust Him. He knows us to be doubtful so He still will be faithful when we are not faithful to Him with our trust.  Rest in this promise of providence today and continue to seek His face!


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