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We All Have a Purpose! {Anchor of Promise #30}

Anchor of Promise #30 I am God’s Workmanship467189_orig

” For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10

There are so many different books out there about finding out what God’s will is or finding what our “purpose” is here on earth. I believe our purpose as believers, is summed up in this very one verse.

Paul just got done explaining how Salvation is not something that man can achieve on his own, but that it is by grace through faith, that Jesus gave it to us. Not of works so that anyone could boast about salvation. God’s salvation is His workmanship. It wasn’t created by man or by his own “good works”.

The word “workmanship” (poiema) used in this verse means “a work of art or a masterpiece”. It is different from the human works found in the verse before it (vs.9) argon. Which proves that this “workmanship” is not humanly possible.

Believers are God’s workmanship because we have been created by God in Christ Jesus. The purpose of this creation is that believers will do good works. God’s salvation again, is not achieved by doing good works, but it is to result in good works,

God has prepared a path of good works for believers which He will perform in and through them as they walk by faith.- Bible Knowledge Commentary was used for this section.

2f501fbIsn’t it amazing to know you and I were born for a purpose! After Salvation takes place in our lives, God has purposely made beforehand good works or opportunities that will come into our lives to do good works! I wonder how many times I have either: ignored, passed up, excused, or missed out on opportunities to do good works for others.

But we don’t have to live in the past but look ahead and be encouraged that each day God gives us a fresh start to do good works for others. We are to serve others in love because that is exactly what Jesus did while He was here. Whether its helping someone with their groceries, raking leaves, giving school supplies to a needy family with kids etc, we need to keep our eyes and hearts open to hear when an opportunity comes up. Ask God to help you be alert for opportunities to do good works and I think you’ll see how much God’s purpose for your life is being fulfilled.


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