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Who you gonna call?

Now that I got the Ghost busters theme song in your head…Happy Saturday!

IMG_20150718_084958I could not find a pen this morning anywhere! Having 2 curious toddlers running around, I am sure they will show up in random places. So a crayon served it’s purpose for highlighting some awesome verses that I am going to share with you this morning!

I usually take the weekends off from writing on Anchors of Promise. Since today is July 18th I decided to read Psalm 18. It’s funny how even in this passage of the Bible, there are so many promises to claim!

Psalm 18 is an amazing chapter that David wrote when he was delivered from Saul, who was seeking to kill David. I wanted to just highlight a few encouraging verses that we can claim as our own when we are feeling hunted or going through a fearful time.

Psalm 18:1-2

“I will LOVE You, O Lord , my STRENGTH. The Lord is my ROCK and my FORTRESS and my DELIVERER; My God, my STRENGTH, in whom I will TRUST; My SHIELD and the HORN of my SALVATION, my STRONGHOLD.”tumblr_mkq3nm0f4I1qcgcclo1_500

David starts out his prayer by declaring his love for God and exalting Him with the bold words above. He has just experienced deliverance from his enemies and a second chance at life.

We see later how David talks about just what God did by rescuing him from his enemies. I love the wording He chose to describe God in verses 7-15.

God delivered David from his enemies and kept him safe. David has penned so many of the Psalms and in a lot of them you see how much He prayed and asked God to deliver Him. Why do you think God allows us to go through trials for so long until He delivers? I think sometimes or I guess most times, He wants to show that we are nothing without Him. That He is the only one that can give us the strength to make it through the hard times. He wants to extend His mighty hand that is full of mercy and love. He wants to display His glory and grace through our broken and weak lives so that others can see just how much He can restore, rebuild, and use for His glory!

The same God that delivered David from his enemies, is the same God that wants to rescue and rebuild you too! Keep seeking Him for deliverance and have faith that He has a purpose and will see you through!


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