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Do You Know a “Know-it-all”? {Anchor of Promise #25}

Anchor of Promise #25 God is Omniscient, Omnipresent, Author of Life, and Has BIG Plans for You and Me.

That is a big title full of words with such meaning, for our Anchor of Promise #25.

I am first of all so incredibly thankful to God that He has keeps revealing to me these amazing promises to share with you. And secondly I am truly grateful for all of you who have been sticking around to read. You are the reason why I write and my prayer through all of this is to encourage and inspire you to love Jesus more and more each day.

know-it-all Do you know someone who seems to have a  “know it all” kind of personality. You start to say something and they chime in and give their two-cents opinion with such confidence it almost turns you off from talking anymore to them? I call those kinds of people “extra grace” people. You need extra grace in your response and facial expressions when dealing with them. I used to be one of these types of people. I am thankful for those who gave me extra grace!

God is the one “Know-it-all” that never comes off annoying or prideful. Today I want to pin point His character in one of the best Psalms ever written about Him.

Psalm 139:1-24 (for sake of space I will not write it all out, but I encourage you to stop and
read these 24 quick verses to understand what our promise is today.)

*************************** my hold music as you read******************

If we break down these 24 verses, you will see the characteristics of God. bbd20aa4f70634b890f601fe8c71fc72

Verses 1-6: Talk on God being “Omniscient” or “all-knowing”

It can be an amazing thing to know God knows what we are going through, and it can also be embarrassing to know that God knows what we are doing as well. If you have sinned (which we all have) then you may feel shame in knowing God knows and saw you in those moments of weakness. But you know what? Despite God’s amazing “know-it-all” character, He combines it with His Enduring Love that although He knows your faults, He extends His hand to you in love to pull you back up when you fall down. Isn’t HE AMAZING?! I may come off cheesy, but going through some sin that I didn’t realize was creating a monster inside me, I am SO THANKFUL that God knew my heart and extended His love to me and brought me back last November to Himself. My life has been radically changed because I realize I was just living through the motions of being a “christian”. There was no longing to read the Bible or to pray like there is now.

Verses 7-12: Talk on God being “Omnipresent” or “Everywhere”

It is hard for us to comprehend just the depth of what this means. If you go back and look in Exodus, God calls Himself the “I AM” to Moses. This is a present tense name, meaning right now He is at the beginning of time, here with you while you read this, and in the future…all at the same time! It still boggles my mind. But the Psalmist here praises God that He is everywhere, we can never hide from God. (verse 7 “where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence?”) We can never hide from God, and it goes hand in hand with His Omniscience. If He wasn’t everywhere then He couldn’t know all. In times where you feel deserted, afraid, or alone remember God never leaves your side. There are many times I feel alone because I left all I knew in Ohio to move with my husband to Viriginia. My sisters are my best friends and used to be only 20 mins apart. I am very close to my Dad and step-Mom and there are times when I feel alone that I remember God has never left my side.

Verses 13-16: Talk on God being the “Author of Life”fearfully_made

I love verses 14,15,16. They all talk about how God made us beautifully and wonderfully. How He knew us before we were even born, and while He knit us in the womb. God is the Author of Life and here it proves that life starts at conception. God custom designs each and every person, equipping each for a specific achievement and purpose (Isaiah 43:7, Romans 9:20, and 1 Thessalonians 1:4) Our worst traits can be transformed into positive qualities! (Romans 12:2″ And do not be conformed  to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”) {from my Bible concordance)

Verses 17-24: God’s plan for youPsalm137.17-18-660x371

God has thoughts for your life. He has plans and talents for each and everyone of us. The majority of God’s plans and thoughts towards us is to use us as a tool for His glory and to bring people to Him by faith. He gives you talents and successes to do just that very one thing. We just get a little prideful and think “WE DID IT” and forget He is the One that gave that talent to us. Just like when Lucifer (the greatest angel in Heaven with the greatest job) got prideful because He was talented, smart, the most beautiful and wanted to be above God. His end result..thrown out of heaven with his followers he deceived. Satan wants you to fall into the same trap as you become successful or noticed for your talents. Keep in mind God gave you the talent and wants you to give Him all the glory.psalm-139-8x10-print

I know this post is longer than normal but there is so much meat in these verses..the last 2 verses are a great prayer that we could consider incorporating into our talks with God to keep us in line with His will and our humility.

I hope if you never knew these things before that you will see just how much God cares for you and wants you as His child. He is not a God who creates us and leaves us to fend for ourselves. He is all knowing, everywhere, and has specific plans for your life. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject or how this encouraged you today! God Bless!


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