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Blessing in Serving {Anchor of Promise #24}

Anchor of Promise # 24 There is blessing in serving others

One of my most favorite stories about Jesus is the one where He washes His disciples feet. The full account is found in John 13: 1-17 

Jesus knew the power and authority He had being the Son of God. And yet He took on one of the most humbling and lowly jobs by serving His disciples. He knew that His whole reason for coming to earth was to be a servant and fulfill God’s will by dying on the cross for the whole world. In this passage of the Bible we see how it is just before Jesus is betrayed and arrested to start the final chapter of His life on earth.

Jesus and his disciples were together for what we call “the last supper”. During their time together, Jesus stands up andjesus-washing-the-feet-calvin-carter begins to wrap towels around his waist and fill a basin with water. He proceeds to wash the disciples dirty, disgusting feet. In Palestine, the roads were dirty and the job of washing feet was for the servants of the house to perform. “It was also an honor for a host to provide a servant to wash a guest’s feet; it was a breach in hospitality not to provide for it. Wives often washed their husband’s feet, children washed their parents’ feet. Most people had to wash their own.”-The Bible Knowledge Commentary

Peter objects for Jesus (his Lord) to wash his (Jesus’ servant) feet. He asks Jesus why He would even do a servant’s job. Jesus tells Peter unless he be washed he would have no part in Jesus. This doesn’t mean “unless you are baptized you cannot be saved.” but “unless I wash your sins away by my atoning blood you have no real realationship with me. (1John 1:7- The Bible Knowledge Commentary) Peter still does not understand the spiritual meaning of what Jesus was doing so he tells Jesus to wash his whole body. One thing was for sure, Peter was certain of his desire to be joined to Jesus. Jesus replies again that someone who has been bathed doesn’t need to have their whole body washed again, but only their feet. Meaning, after salvation takes place all one needs to do is confess sin to keep the relationship with God opengiving-back-quotes-3. You never lose salvation and you don’t need to be saved again and again. It is a one time thing. But DAILY we need to have our hearts washed by asking God for forgiveness of our sins.

Jesus asks them if they understood what He did for them. He also commands that they follow “this example” or in other words this “pattern”. Jesus is our Master but He took on the manner of a servant. For us to not serve others is exalting ourselves above our Master.(verse 16 ” A servant is not greater than his master..”) If Jesus, the Son of God, served then we ought to realize the seriousness of serving others.

Jesus’ character of serving in love is just an amazing thing if you think about it. He promises us that if we serve others He will bless us. He doesn’t bless us for our knowledge of the things of the Bible, but blesses us for the things we DO that we know. Faith is no good without action. I hope this challenges you today to take on the manner of a servant like our amazing Jesus did. His attitude was to serve without getting anything in return. Only to point people to the love and saving knowledge of His Father.


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