Attitude Adjuster

I don’t even know where to start for today..God has been so real in my life recently because of relying on Him for everything and He never leaves me disappointed.
I woke up severely tired and overwhelmed. My son was up until 4am and proceeded to get up at 6:30am for the day. It’s not a problem because you sometimes get used to those days but this weekend is super busy and I felt so overwhelmed. I woke up not asking God for help and had a bad attitude.
As I was making my son’s breakfast a lady in my church that I look up to texted me.
“Have a blessed day, Jesus is coming again so have joy and hope!”
She proceeded to tell me God placed me on her heart this morning.
I have chills just writing this. You see God cares so much for our being. He cares so much that we know His love for us. That He promises He will come back so nothing should steal that joy!
I broke down in tears over the counter in my kitchen because of how much I love these God moments where He uses people to speak to me. He is real and active all you have to do is listen because He whispers.
I love how as my Father, He doesn’t scold me for a bad attitude but speaks truth in love. What an immediate  attitude adjustment. Just drank a Spark and now ready to take on the day!
Keep your heart open and remember nothing can steal the joy God gives you. He promises He is returning and so be the light to others and share the good news! It’s in our moments of weakness that He gives us opportunities to allow Him to shine through us.
Not my planned Anchor of Promise today but it’s the best promise He gives..He is coming again so take joy!!



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