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All I Ever Need, I Have {Anchor of Promise #14}

2015-06-26_12.37.48Anchor of Promise #14 God Supplies All My Needs

Philippians 4:19- And my God shall supply all your need, according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus.” 

God is always working on our behalf, providing and assuring us that we do not have to worry. This does not always mean we don’t do our part in order to see the blessing, but it does mean that God gives us our needs each day according to what He believes we should have.

I remember a few years back I would always do the HGTV Extreme Home Giveaway sweepstakes, or the Publishers Clearing house just for kicks. I would tell God, if you give me this I will use it mightily for you. In all actuality God knew my heart and He doesn’t need my money or things to do mighty things. He will do it regardless of what I have.

Do I desire those types of things? Money or extravagant homes with all the bells and whistles? Not as much anymore. 13929-Where-God-Guides-He-ProvidesSometimes I find myself coveting or get house or car fever..but my passion and desires have changed by reading the Bible and seeing the purpose of why I am here. I am learning that each day God is providing everything that I need to live. It is my poor choices that make me sometimes lack the funds necessary to get the needs.

Do you struggle with trusting that God is providing your needs? Over the years I have seriously had to give that fear and anxiety over to Him because He is the one that can do something about my fears. I can take opportunities and make more money or to further my education to get a better job. I think those things are good things to do.

Give this anchor of fear and doubt to God and seek Him through His word. He will show you that anything you ever could desire (materialistically) doesn’t compare to what you will find in Him. (Wisdom, Understanding, Joy, Peace, etc.)

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2 thoughts on “All I Ever Need, I Have {Anchor of Promise #14}”

  1. Wisdom, peace, joy… Contentment … Attributes far more valuable than any”thing” we can acquire here on earth. We must keep our focus on things eternal, for His glory.

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